1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Mighty 1090–Gone But Not Forgotten”

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“Death of Mighty 1090-Community Reacts”


It’s been nearly one month since the Mexican owners seized the iconic sports talk radio station, The Mighty 1090. It’s been one week since the station leadership closed the doors, laid off its staff, and padlocked the doors of the studios.

You have to work really hard to destroy a heritage radio station, the Mexican ownership, and the San Diego leadership, did.

Name talk show hosts are out of a job, as are a staff of employees, who loved the format, the station, and its place in the community

The reaction in the community has been swift. My column last week “Blood on Their Hands”, generated (2,470) hits on my website in the first twelve hours.

Add to that, fans reactions via Emails, texts, tweets, and you can get a feel for how it is missed.

Below, a cross section of reaction from followers, listeners, haters. Everyone has opinions…good-bad-off the wall.


..1090 leadership deserved what they got-they lost their job-ruined a station.

..2-Execs at 1090 needed to lose their jobs, and they did.

..Don’t do business in Mexico.

..Pay your bills.

..Talkshow hosts think it’s their birthright to slam people and to be on the air-good luck finding another job.

..Big business wins-small guy loses

..Such a shame to see it end

..Hey BCA Radio-pay your rent.

..Sure Dean Spanos is somewhere cheering about 1090 failing

..Bet John Moores walked away with money-he doesn’t lose money

..Mexican owners redid the least for one year-how could they be bad partners in this.

..Independent stations don’t stand a chance. This is also about the competitors, Entercom and I-Heart Radio.

..AM-radio is dead.

..Foul up after foul up. That’s a long time to lose a lot of money.

..To quote an old Army term…1090 is FUBAR.

..San Diego lived and breathed sports on 690-1090.

..XTRA 690 is reason we became rabid sports fans.

..Autospy on station death is painful to read.

..Chargers-Padres…selfish A-holes about those contracts.

..Hacksaw-a jerk…Kentera-a dinosoar….Sileo-cleaning toilets

..Kaplan fired before-dumped again…Sileo fired from 4-jobs in row…Nice track record of hires at BCA.

..Death of sports-talk radio…97.3-can’t hear it…1360-college station-don’t want to hear it.

..Padres station-you could hire a pretty good lineup of talkshow hosts now..Darrin-Hacksaw-Scott & BR & Linda.

..Hey management…so you a better station now that you let Hamilton, Coach, Padres and Aztecs get away? Nice decisions? Terrible end result!

..You know what made you guys great…Hacksaw’s Headlines…Coaches contacts….Darrin-Marty interviews…Scott & BR schtick…and now you’re all off the air. Who makes decisions like that? Unemployed people in management.

..Your shows delivered information…other shows like a frat party.

..Villans?…Nobody’s fault….Businesses go out of business everyday.

..You hosts made a lot of money-go start your own station.

..Congrats Lee, you are an accomplished Obit writer.

..Damn it Oceanside-where’s my sports station.

..From Baja to the Canadian Rockies….now..From Chinese to Spanish.

..My Hacksaw Tee-Shirt flying at half staff.

..Thanks for the ‘real’ story on your website.


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