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“Names-In the News”


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BRYCE HARPER…Crazy talk-some so called anonymous baseball exec telling a reporter that the Washington Nationals star is selfish and a loser. All players are selfish, and want to do good. Harper has helped make the Nationals a winner. Sure some will be turned off by his agent, Scott Boras, dropping hints, the player should get a (10Y-300M) contract, but he has emerged as a true star in this league.

ALLIANCE FOR AMERICAN FOOTBALL….Might it be the stopping off point next spring for a couple of unsigned aging veterans? Can you see Colin Kaeperneck-Adrian Peterson wanting to sign on with the league.

DEZ BRYANT…Now it gets intersting with OTA camps ending, who signs theex-Cowboy and for how much. Is Dez still unsgined because he no longer can get open, or because he thinks he should be paid equal to the (12.6M) he used to earn with Dallas.

TERRELL OWENS….In what should be a shining moment to cap a great career on the field, TO goes nuclear again saying he will boycott the Hall of Fame Ceremonies in Canton next July. So he wants his legacy as a petulant cancer to be the last memory footblal fans have of him?

KELLEN WINSLOW-JUNIOR…So how’s life after your tainted NFL career going? Serious stuff, this 9-count arrest warrant, with some real red flag words contained in the warrant, rape, sodomy, copulation, kidnapping and more. Not a pretty picture. But the son of the legendary Chargers star, has had lots of problems. He wiped out his early career with a serious leg injury in a motorcycle accident showing off. He moved to a lot of teams, and was never the same player prior to the accident. And an arrest to, in a shopping center, according the the police report, ‘pleasurinzing himself’ in the front seat of his parked car. Father was a superstar. Son is a sleaze ball.

REGGIE BUSH….No surprise with the jury verdict in his major lawsuit against the LA Rams, for a knee injury, caused when he was tackled out of bounds, landing on a cement walkway near the bench. The St Louis Rams controlled the Edward Jones Dome, and they we’re found negligent of not putting coverings on the walkways near the bench area. Now they will have to pay. Don’t know what grounds they would appeal on..

LE BRON JAMES….The superstar, who has always conducted his career with dignity and class, sounds off saying Houston is not a place he’d consider signing when he becomes an opt-out free agent. Doesn’t like the city or the weather. Doesn’t bother James Hardin nor Chris Paul.

BARRY TROTZ….Oh to be a free agent with a big payday coming. The Washington Caps coach, now being fitted for a Stanley Cup ring, has opened talks about a big money contract extension.

ANNE DONOVAN…Basketball mourns the first great female star, passing away at age (56) from heart disease. She single handedly put the women’s game on our radar, and her 6’8-frame made the nation aware of the talents out there. 2-time NCAA champ at Old Dominion, 2-time Olympic Gold Medal winner. A fantastic person.

US OPEN…That wasn’t very good. Rory McIlroy carded John Daly type numbers, an (80) in the opening round at Shinnecock Hills. Haven’t seen those kind of numbers (3-double bogeys-6-bogeys) from a star in a long time. Equally bad day for Phil Mickelson with (8-bogeys) enroute to a (77). Wither Jordan Spieth, in at (78), and Jason Day continues to tumble, shooting a (79). And then Tiger Woods takes back to back double bogeys late in his round, dropping into a pot bunker with his own (78).

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