1-Man’s Opinion on Sports—Friday “NBA Draft-A Very Different Night–Classier Than Normal”

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“NBA-Classy Kids Come Out at Draft”


The kids in college basketball have been in the spotlight all year, as they marched thru college cage season.

We saw great talent, explosive athleticism, lots of wins and plenty of accolades.

But Thursday evening, we saw a more human side of the top kids that went off the draft board.

Maturity, kids with values, strong faith, from all types of families. It was a very different look from years in the past, where there was lots of jewelry, glitter, trash talk.

The NBA introduced them individually with their parents, guardians and siblings, a very different look. Some came with mothers and fathers, some with just mothers, others with a grandparent or a brother and sister.

The most amazing things when you saw the tears in the eyes of the 1st pick, Zion Williamson, who went to New Orleans, was how humble he was.

Ja Morant of tiny Murray State went second to Memphis, and displayed the love for all the guidance his father gave him.

RJ Barrett of Duke, headed to the Knicks, praised his university and his legendary Coach K for all they gave him in his one year with the Blue Devils.

DeAndre Hunter praised his mother for helping guide him to stardom at Virginia.

Rui Hachimura of Gonzaga spoke from the heart about his native Japan.

1-player’s father was a priest. 1-had a father who played in the NBA. 2-other players praised their fathers, who passed this past year. Matisse Thybulle wept talking about his late mother, and a product of an inter-racial marriage.

For a couple of hours, we forgot about the controversial Lakers-New Orleans Pelicans trade, or impending free agency, , or selfish unhappy players., or organizational dysfunction. Instead we saw special kids, who have learned a lot of life at the tender ages of 18-and-19.

It was a unique couple of hours, and a special message about who these kids are, and what they have learned in life, on and off the court, in a short period of time..

For once, I enjoyed watching the draft.


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