1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “NBA-What I Think About What I See”

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“What I Think About What I See”


WARRIORS WHACK CAVS…Way too much firepower in Golden State…not enough help for LeBron James in Cleveland. The Warriors ripped them apart every which way, forcing 20-turnovers, pounding them for 42-points in the paint, letting Kevin Durant loose for a dominant first half, then letting Steph Curry bomb away beyond the arc in the second half. At one point, Cleveland trailed by 24.

GOOD COACH-BAD COACH…Someone is going to have to sales pitch me hard that Tyronne Lue is anything more than LeBron James valet. He sat there thru that wretched first half, called no timeouts, made no adjustments, didn’t lose his temper as the Warriors attacked the basket on virtually every possession, opening up a 21-point lead in that half.

SELFLESS SUPER STARS…Lots of firepower on that Warriors team, lots of selfless players too. Giving up close in baskets to get the guy who has the open look. Everybody to the glass to board. Role players off the bench as hungry as the five starters on the floor. This is a special team.

SHAMEFUL AMERICA…The spray painting of the ‘N” word on the front gate of the Brentwood home of LeBron James, the work of a crack pot. But it is still the symbol of hate that exists in certain pockets of the society. Can happen in LA just like it can happen in Ferguson, Missouri. Intreresting if a white player will stand up and condemn the hatred, and support his African American bretheren.

CIVIL WAR…NBA commissioner Adam Silver is demanding changes in the NBA draft. He wants to remove the ‘one and done’ rule. The union is fighting him on it. Silver says 19-year old players are not ready for the rigors of the NBA. The union, by standing to allow the underclassmen into the draft, are taking money and jobs from veteran players. The rookies are not even union members yet. Silver says college coaches want the rule changed too. Would like to see a petition from Division 1-coaches that could influence this argument. Put your name next to it.

ZEKE FROM CABIN CREEK COMING HOME….That’s the story, that Jerry West is close to being hired as a consultant to work for the Clippers. Imagine the angst across the hallway from the Buss family, if the Lakers legend comes home to work for the team across the hall.

JUST WONDERING OUT LOUD….Loudmouth father LaVar Ball isn’t winning too many friends. Now West has spoken out saying the father is doing a dis-service to the son with all these off the wall statements. What happens if Boston bypassez Lonzo Ball, and the Lakers say no, and the kid starts to drop?

CLOSING COMMENT…The Warriors win only counts as one, but one wonders where the Cavs are going to find the defense they need to body and shutdown all the weapons Golden State puts on the floor, in the paint, at the arc, and in the transition game. Sunday night will say alot about the manhood of the Cavaliers.


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