1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “NFL Hot Seat-Everywhere”

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“NFL Hot Seats-Everywhere”


3-weeks left in an NFL season. A couple of great teams this year, lots of bad teams around, and a bunch of coaching firings just around the corner.

It’s a results oriented league, but for every team that is about to blow out a head coach his staff, there are different reasons for different teams failures.

CLEVELAND…The entire season has been a referendum on the Browns front office, their coaches, and the roster. They are failing in lots of areas. The GM-Sashi Brown was axed last week, and it appears coach Hue Jackson will be gone once the season ends on New Year’s Day weekend. Going (1-28) over the last two yerts is just the tip of the iceberg of all things wrong on the Mistake by the Lake.

INDIANAPOLIS…Chuck Pagano survived cancer, survived the firing of his GM a year ago, but it does not appear he can survive the season’s losses piling Up with quarterback Andrew Luck still out of action with complicated shoulder surgery. The problems though are the roster, and that’s an organizational failure.

CHICAGO….John Fox has seen his teams go (14-33) since taking over. They are in the midst of rebuilding, and the growth of QB-Mitch Trubisky has been very slow. He might survive, but he might get fired.

ARIZONA…Bruce Ariens had dropped some hints of leaving the club, some of it might be linked to health, but he is not very tolerant of losing. His Loss of QB-Carson Palmer was a setback too. Should stay, might leave.

NEW YORK GIANTS….Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese were both dumped two weeks ago, so a complete overhaul is coming.

HOUSTON…Ridiculous for anyone considering change with the Texans. Bill O’Brien lost his star quarterback, then 3-of his top pass rushers and a linebacker with injuries and suspensions. Good coach, deserves to stay, but works for a pushy owner.

CINCINNATI…Marvin Lewis brought law and order to the disarray that was Bengals football, but in 15-years, he’s never won a playoff game, and in 11-years, never made the playoffs. Ownership has been loyal, but ownership, Mike Brown, has a horrible history running the franchise.

DENVER….The big debate right now is whether it is the coach Vance Joseph, or the GM-John Elways, with what has befallen the once-proud Broncos. Joseph stays, but they have to be better next year, and his GM better figure out the quarterback problem.

TAMPA BAY…It just hasn’t worked out, despite the arrival of stud quarterback Jameis Winston, and Dirk Cotter’s tenure might end quickly.s.

NEW YORK JETS…A year ago, they praised Todd Bowles, now his job is in jeopardy. A quarterback mess, a defense full of attitude issues, and a front office malaise. Maybe he deserves a chance to overhaul the roster.

That’s 10-potential coaching changes.

Teams might be dissatisfied with where they are, are there really 10-quality head coaching candidates out there to replace the guys who might get fired?

It ends in 3-weeks, the season. It ends in 3-weeks, a bunch of coaching careers too. Might not be fair. But is the way of business in the NFL.


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