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“Fans Forum on NFL on TV”


NFL television ratings fell 9-percent this season across CBS-Fox-NBC-ESPN and the NFL Network.

In San Diego, the ratings dropped an amazing 42% from last season, after Chargers owner Dean Spanos moved the team to Los Angeles.

I asked the fans why the ratings have dropped, and why they may or may not watch any longer.

The responses from my website readers”

..There’s too much NFL on TV-over saturation.

..Drop Thursday night football.

..Monday Night Football games no longer important-stop guaranteeing each team they can be part of the MNF rotation.

..NFL has alienated its fan base.

..NFL problems are serious-MLB-NHL-NBA don’t have them.

..The National Anthem issues have turned me and all my friends off.

..The owners have given us every reason to label them as greedy.

..Moving teams after years of loyalty have offended fans everywhere.

..This is a saturation problem-too many games on television.

..Games and teams are unwatchable more times than not.

..Boring commentators-there are no Cowell’s-Maddens.

..Remember when Monday Night Football was important to watch.

..NFL is a heartless corporation about its players health-why support them.

..NFL games have become a barbaric sport.

..Look at the list of NFL problems and you want me to support Roger Goodell and the owners by watching games.

..Taking all that extra money from Direct TV and the streaming companies have taken fans away from traditional watching habits.

..Do they count people who watch on Direct TV as part of the normal Neilsen ratings.

..The violence of games on the field…the incidents with players off the field have turned me off.

..Roger Goodall is no different than Paul Tagliabue…it’s all about money, not the quality of the sport, nor the health of the players.

..Stop complaining. We can pay what we want and watch the team we want. The fans are not being forced to view.

..Bad teams in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and the controversy in Los Angeles have turned fans away.

..NFL is just like college football, so many games on television, it is no longer ‘must see’

..Is NFL becoming like NBA, the only games important are the playoff games now, not the in season games. How often do you want to watch LeBron vs Curry, Cavs-vs Warriors in November.

..See you when the AFC-NFC championship games are played, and then at my Super Bowl party.

..I am no longer a Chargers fan after 25-yers of season tickets. When the owners allowed the Spanos family to move, I decided to no longer be an NFL fan either.

..How many NFL teams were below .500 this year, more than half. How many bad quarterbacks are there in the league. Why watch that.

..I watch the key games each weekend, probably three a week, and don’t care about the ret. Why should I watch that.

..You used to say on your Chargers radio broadcasts, that the ‘world stops at 1pm on Sunday afternoon for the NFL….it doesn’t any longer. The games are unimportant.

..Jerry Jones-Bob Kraft-Stan Kroenke have the fans money. They don’t care.

..What goes around comes around, NFL greed. This is payback.


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