1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “NFL-Quarterbacks-Quandry–Where Are They Now?”

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“NFL-Quarterback Quandary”——

What a strange NFL draft combine this must be in Indianapolis.

In a sport dominated by quarterbacks and offenses, NFL teams  are evaluating a deep draft board, but for the first time in decades, there are virtually no quarterbacks in the first round.

Reading thru the evaluations and then the mock drafts, scouts project just two quarterbacks in the opening round.

Kenny Pickett comes off 1-very good season at Pitt.  That’s it.

The other quarterback is a small college phenom, Malik Willis, from Liberty University in Virginia.  And what he did was against small college football, along the way of say what Carson Wentz accomplished at North Dakota State.

And think about this.  11-teams may be making changes, or are searching for quarterbacks in the offseason.  Where are the replacements going to come from?

Here’s a quick look at the NFL teams with QB issues:

TAMPA BAY..Good bye Tom Brady.  Bruce Arians doesn’t  trust rookies at the position, and is trying to sell everyone that Blaine Gabbert is better than his (13-35) career record.

WASHINGTON…What a mess after they got rid of the guy who was supposed to be the future, Dwayne Haskins.  They desperately need a player at the position.  Think Teddy Bridgewater?

HOUSTON..The unresolved 22-lawsuits remain in place, and the uncertainty of Deshaun Watson’s status with the league remains too.  They force fed rookie Davis Mills at QB last year in that (4-13) season, and seem ready to use him again.

COLTS…Now this is strange.  Carson Wentz had a statistically sound year though the team fell apart because of injuries around him at the end of the year, but he may not be the future of the team.  No commitment yet going forward.

CAROLINA…Sam Darnold did not work out and they want to trade him.  Not many people think Cam Newton has much left so they are searching.

MIAMI…Love me, love me not, the whole Tua Tagovailoa storyline, but they’ve indicated the new coaching staff will stay with him for a 3rd year.

MINNESOTA…Kirk Cousins has made lots of money but hasn’t won much.  He has 1-year left on his deal.  Might he be trade bait.  You may want to connect the dots on this storyline.

49ers…Jimmy Garoppolo is likely going somewhere, but where, and when he gets there, will he be ready to play, having just had shoulder surgery.  A good win-loss record, but a bad TD-Turnover ratio.  Beauty in the eyes of the beholder.

PITTSBURGH…Life after Ben Roethlisberger may start with Mason Rudolph, but he is more pedestrian place holder than game changer.

DENVER..They have gone thru 10-quarterbacks in the starting lineup since Peyton Manning retired..Names like Lynch, Lock, Siemian, Ostweiler, Tebow failed to get it done.  What a need.

SAINTS..Jameis Winston is a free agent and coming off injury.  Taysom Hill does not seem to be a starter.  They could be in real trouble

ATLANTA…Is a major rebuild about to begin, with Matt Ryan being the bargaining chip to stockpile draft picks.

GIANTS…New leadership in New York but  the same old problem, lack of real talent.  Daniel Jones has been battered and beaten.

PACKERS…No one I know believes Aaron Rodgers wants out but the Packers have monster cap problems, so anything might be likely, but doubtful.

SEATTLE..Russell Wilson is staying, so says coach Pete Carroll.

ARIZONA…Awful end of season finishes, now this manifesto from QB-Kyler Murray about what he wants to see in a winning organization.  Stay tuned to this soap opera, though they just gave the Coach and GM extensions thru 2027.

So many question marks in the NFL, and so few hot prospects at the Draft combine.  Have never seen a year like this.  The last cycle of great ones are gone, Brady-Brees-Rivers-Big Ben-the Mannings.  Don’t seem to be any stars of the future on any draft boards this year.



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