1-Man’s Opinion on Sports—Friday “Padres-Hire New Manager-Wins the Press Conference–Can He Win Games?”

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“Padres….Let the Rebuilding Begin”


It was fitting to walk into Petco Park on Friday.

There were major renovations underway to the second level of the crowned jewel gem of a ball park.  Plastic tarps everywhere.  Workers.  Construction equipment spread around the concourses.  A major project for sure.

They could say the same in the Petco Park Auditorium as they introduced the new manager Jayce Tingler, a longtime player development guy, whose relationship with AJ Preller goes back to their days when they started to rebuild the Texas Rangers.

Tingler was a surprise hire for sure.  The community does not believe it was the right hire, but everyone comes from somewhere, so Tingler deserves a chance.  The last gamble the Padres took, the hiring of Andy Green, did not work out.  In fact, a lot of Preller’s gambles haven’t worked out.  If Tingler isn’t the right guy, the next press conference might be Preller’s firing.

Tingler is part of the young gun of baseball’s new breed.  Communication skills, analytics,, a relationship guy.  He inherits talent, but he inherits youth, and he may be inheriting a clubhouse culture that could be difficult to navigate.

A truly leap of faith from lead owner Ron Fowler, and his GM.  They all had lots to say at Friday’s press conference.  The renovation of Petco is underway.  So is the renovation of the a 90-loss, usually last place franchise.

They usher in a hopeful new era as Tingler becomes the 21st manager of the team….to show us he is his own man…and not Andy Green-2.


(AJ Preller)

..We were looking for a manager who could turn our young talent into a winning team.
..Characteristics needed including communicating-connect with players
..Want players would go thru a wall for
..Knowledge and content-detailed game…he can transmit that to our group
..Passion-work ethic-energy..transfer day to day experiences to players
..We want clear expectations and standards..this is our identity
..When players walk into clubhouse want them to know what it takes to be champion.
..Want players to enjoy the game-be on the field
..We had checklist-he filled them out.
..Jayce was instinctive player..met him first day-instincts showed up first day.
..Pretty clear his calling was coaching
..He wanted to go to Dominican Rep8ublic…foreign country-language barrier
..Quickly showed energy=-intelligence to transfer to players
..Dominican is tough place to manage..did a lot of winning…in 3-years
..Became field coordinator..minor league manager..major league coach.
..He connected with all types of players-ability to reach a lot of players over decade.
..We had hundred of hours of conversation with lots of managerial candidates.
..Talked to lots of people about each candidate
..Pretty clear from day one..Jayce right person, right time, right experience.
..Different than Andy Green hiring..everything on individual…talked about XYZ’s of doing the job


(Jayce Tingler)

..AJ Preller-his team-we can work together
..Thanks to Texas Rangers…raised me in the game-developed me-believed in me
..Chris Woodward-manager-being authentic-genuine-learned a lot under him.
..Rangers invested in me for 14-15 years.
..Escodido franchise in Dominican Republic gave me a unique chance.
..Means so much for current players he worked with-learned so much
..Being with players builds relationships..can’t wait to be part of group to win

..Challenge being first time manager-will have people around help with process
..Seen and talked to managers about their experiences..will lean back on that
..How close is this team World Series-those teams have championship qualities
..Those are qualities I will demand
..We are closer than what seems..
..We want pitchers ultra aggressive…batting order battles-fight get barrels to ball.
..Those teams played tremendous defense…do things on bases.
..Been around a lot of very good baseball men-ability to connect with players
..I am a bit new school-but a lot old school.
..Have you talked to veteran players.started process connecting..3-calls a day
..I don’t expect to gain their confidence off the beginning…want them to be open minded.
..I will be same person with each player
..Analytics in the evaulation-believe in information for each player
..This game is played on on fundamentals, energy, passion
..Find best way to help each player individually
..Don’t overload players-give them clarity-blueprint to succeed.
..Past time with AJ Preller..we had reltiaonthip in Texas…he is a driver in developing me
..Were apart for 5-years-were not really in contact..we grow interacting with people
..3-to-4 seconds into first meeting-felt like it was 2010 again
..Coaching staff-meeting with people-build relationship=-have heart of a teacher
..Coaches need discipline-need to teach-want them to push players make them better
..Communication is 2-way street-I don’t sit in an office-enjoy being around players
..I am an on-the-field guy…be with players-look for moment of communication
..Never managing in majors-will make mistakes-guess players make mistakes
..3-years in Texas I served as second bench coach-managed a lot of games in my mind
..No decisions on my coaching staff-I am confident we will work as a team
..Managing in National League-grew up in KC-drafted by Toronto-14Y with Texas
..I am different in structure-I like information from our coaches-staff
..Don’t believer in hierarch-will draw on opinions and experiences in the dugout
..Game plan early-run thru scenarios in head-game happens-know react
..Want people around who can ad-lib and draw it up in dirt too
..Roster inherit…gruop I interviewed with ‘dying to win’
..1st year managers don’t have pitchers like Lamet-Paddack-Luchessi..-etc..don’t run into situations like inherit Hedges, Tatis, the corner infielders Hosmer-Machado…1-of best 3-closers in the game.
..We have a lot of players with lots of upside-they have have dying passion to win.
..Not comfortable with what we do-but I have expectations
..We will have group that prepares..that works…has chemistry..is cohesive.
..Important how we play-how we prepare….want pitchers to attack..want players make right plays in field…hitters must pressure the zone…move the bat…run the bases.
..Want environment where even if they make aggressive mistakes-I want them to have fun


(Ron Fowler)

..This is important year in the organization..we all know it
..Tingler lack of experience balanced out by all the things he has experienced
..He had done a lot of managerial type jobs even if he was not a major league manager
..20-21-we have to compete..we have talked about this internally all summer long
..Playing (.347) clip after All Star not acceptable,,this was an embarrassment here.
..We will make changes further if it happens again
..I told AJ to look outside the Texas contacts-circle he has.
..Impressed with Jayce ability to connect with people.
..He knows he needs experience on his coaching staff going in.
..Yes there will be mistakes made ..but want mistakes of aggressiveness…
..He will force the players to be good
..We had no chemistry that clubhouse after the All Star break…
..Players have to own what happened in that clubhouse at end of the year.
..I want this team to be well over .500..the fans have high expectations.
..Jayce was good in the interview process-he had lots of connections
..When we dotted the “I’s-Crossed the T’s’ we got a lot of good information about him…along the way
..I wanted experienced as a manger-but his leadership qualities changed our thinking…his qualities balanced out lack of experience.



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