1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday. “Padres-Losing-Losing-More Losing”

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“Losing-Losing-More Losing”


I like Andy Green alot.

Padres manager, classy, sharp, baseball smart

Full of philosophies that make sense. Motivator. Strong willed. Willing to be creative. Willing to stand up and say what he believes.

Even when he blows it.

Has probably done more with less in a year and a half on the job with the Padres.

But I don’t understand the decisions in Cincinnati in the ugly Thursday loss to the Reds.

Pulling reliever Kirby Yates in the 7th, and inserting his closer Brad Hand, that early in a game.

He inherits a ‘2-2’ count…pitches carefully, walks Joey Votto. Then gives up a grand slam home run to Scooter Gennett.

Game over, blowout loss to ensue.

Maybe Green is running out of trustworthy relievers, the aftermath of the Royals-Padres trade that took 3-pitchers off the major league staff.

Maybe Jose Torres is worn out. Maybe Phil Maton is getting overwhelmed by the opposition’s big innings. Maybe Carter Capps can’t pitch two days ina row coming off surgery.

But Brad Hand in the 7th makes no sense at all, especially since you need a closer for whatever games you might win with what’s left on the schedule.

The Padres are now (50-64) heading into the slaughter house that is Dodgers Stadium.

Fifty wins right now is ahead of what I thought they could do, considering I predicted (60-102) on opening day.

They seem to be making progress with the everyday batting order, Wil Myers horrible slump excluded.

They need more arms, but none are ready.

I think Andy Green has done a good job in trying circumstances, and his mistakes have been few and far between.

But this one had blunder, in capital letters, written all over it.

Ugly series, losing 3-of-4 to a Reds team with one of the worst modern day pitching staffs of all time.

In a season of lousy losses, this one was different. Not a lost fly ball. Not botched ground ball. Not guys tossed out on the bases killing rallies. Not a first inning meltdown by the starter. No this loss came from the dugout.

This one is on the manager more than any of the others.

Losing-losing, more losing. ugh.


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