1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Penn State-The Ache-The Pain-Will Not Go Away”

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“The Ache-The Pain-Will Not Go Away”


Everytime something new happens, with the dateline State College, Pennsylvania, you get a creepy feeling inside.

Years after the death of Joe Paterno.

Years after the imprisonment of his longtime assistant Jerry Sandusky

Years after the heavy handed discipline handed down by the NCAA.

Years after the firing of the President, Vice President, the AD and so many others.

Years after the jury decision sentencing Sandusky to 30-to-60 years in prison after the conviction of 46-counts of sexual abuse of minors.

Years after the lawsuits and the civil awards.

And now it is back in the news.

Penn State is appealing a jury decision in the damages portion of the trial of former assistant coach Mike McQueary, who won a defamation and whistleblower retaliation lawsuit against the school.

The jury awarded him 9M over his firing and the so-called smear campaign of his name, after he turned in Sandusky to superiors, who did nothing against the former coach.

Then the judge, reviewing the case, upped the damages to 12.6M, saying McQueary’s life can never be the same.

Maybe it could if he got another coaching job, but that has not happened.

Was he treated unfairly, maybe? The jury thought so, so did the judge.

But here’s the most appalling part of the verdicts in his case. He got all that money for being the victim of a Penn State smear, or retaliation. He got 12.6M.

The 36-victims, who reached out of court settlements, for being forced to submit to oral sex, fondling and the indignities of child rape, got awards too.

The Penn State victims, each received 2.9M in damages. Yes, 2.9M each.

The fired coach got 12.6M.

Please tell me whose life will never be the same again?

And how do you place a value on the damage done to the ex-coach, compared to the damage done, mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, to the victims, ages 9-thru-16?

Again, who was damaged more by the Jerry Sandusky case?

Feel creepy about all this? Feel like going to the wash room to rinse your hands? Fell awful inside?

People in that court room and at that university, should feel filthy too, for the decisions made for payments to the victims.

Again, who got damaged more in all this?


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