1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Super Bowl Sunday-Who-Why”

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“Super Bowl Sunday-Who-Why”


Pick any phrase you want, and it probably fits the Patriots-Rams matchup on Super Bowl Sunday.

Old School-vs-New Breed….Bill Belicheck-vs-Sean McCoy.

Young Gun-vs-Old Guard…Jared Goff-vs-Tom Brady

Brute Strength-vs-Speed-Skills…Patriots Offense-vs-Rams Offense

We’ve played all season long, and the two best have earned their way onto the field in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon.

The Patriots come in with all their history. The Rams show up with all their glitter.

New England’s ownership is so well regarded and popular. The Rams ownership is reclusive and distant.

The Patriots front office is secretive and combative. The Rams leadership is dynamic and risk taking-dangerous.

The chess game will be fun, how these coaches have used their bye week to get ready.

The Patriots will throw things at Jared Goff he has never seen before, and the challenge will be to survive it.

There’s nothing that the Rams, and Wade Philips can present, that Tom Brady has not conquered in the past.

No arguing about the roads travelled. The Rams are here for the first time, with a roster full of young guys, who have never played this deep into the season.

The Patriots with 36-players, who have been in postseason, many of whom are Super Bowl experienced.

The Rams roster has 33-homegrown players on it, just 11-free agents from the outside.

The Patriots roster has just 23-of their draft picks suiting up, and 14-veteran free agents from other teams.

LA has flash, in Goff and Todd Gurley, Aaron Donald. They have acquired Ndomakong Suh, Aqib Talib, Andrew Whitworth, Marcus Peters, Robert Woods and Branden Cooks in big deals.

New England’s flag carrier is Tom Brady, with a bountiful group of role playing skill players, led by Rob Gronkowski. They have an offensive line of unknown, and not many recognizable names in the defensive front seven.

It’s the LA sizzle vs the Patriots system.

Oh there are questions everywhere.

How does New England block Aaron Donald? Do the Rams move him around inside and out?

Does the Patriots defense committ to take running back Todd Gurley out of the game, negating his big plays, and forcing Goff to win the game with his right arm?

How does LA get to Brady, who negated the entire blitz scheme the Chargers-Chiefs threw at him? He threw 90-passes and was never sacked in the AFC playoffs. When you get the ball out of there in under (2.4) seconds, how do you get pressure that makes a difference.

Whose pocket gets crushed first, and who can make plays if they have to get off their spot quickly? Brady has over the years. Goff not so much.

Does LA have enough people to cover sideline to sideline, because the offense is more than Tom Terrific and the Gronk. Can you cover the 3-running backs, led by James White-Sonny Michel-and Rex Burkhead, and still have enough people to cope with Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, Cordarrelle Patterson, Dwaine Allen, Matt Slater and Phil Dorsett?

Can Goff cope with the blitz scheme that derailed Philip Rivers and Patrick Mahomes, the last two victims of the Patriots pass rush package?

Which secondary caves in under the pressure of the pass routes? The group led by Stephon Gilmour and the McCourty brothers, have so much more experience, than the LA secondary which is young, led by Marcus Peters and the grizzled vet Talib?

When New England goes no huddle, can the Rams defense not get fatigued ? Can the Rams cope if Goff has to be play behind the chains in 2nd and 3rd long situations?

For four hours on Sunday we will forget about instant replay, bad officiating, concussion problems, franchise shifts and Colin Kaeperneck. The chess game will be fun to watch.

Brady’s track record vs the unknown Goff will face. Belicheck’s brilliance against McVay’s brashness will take center stage.

Great teams find a way to take away things the other guy wants to do. Great quarterbacks, with lots of history, find a way to win too.

Substance will probably win out over sizzle.

Patriots 27-Rams 17, that’s who and why.


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