1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Tiger Woods-Pick A Word-Describe Him”

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“Golf’s Biggest Story”


Pick a word to describe what we have witnessed the last two months on the PGA Tour.


It all fits and it will be on view again today at Paris-de-National in France with the opening day of the Ryder Cup Golf Tourney.

That Tiger Woods is here might not be a surprise, considering his heritage globally.

The way that Tiger is playing is the surprise story of this golf season.

He tees off today in 4-Ball play coming off a win at the Players Championships at Eastlake-Atlanta.

His 80th win of his career, a remarkable accomplishment, considering the darkness he has been in the last five years.

The blackhole that was his personal life. The pot-bunker demise of his career because of four back surgeries in 19-months.

No one could have predicted this, himself included.

The stress on his back. The limitations he must now impose on himself in practice rounds. The changes to his once awesome power game. The battle to rediscover his putter.

An occasional hot round was replaced by a good couple of days. Then that was replaced by being in the hunt for much of the week. Then being in the lead a couple of times. Then the sparkling win on the Eastlake Course.

TV ratings are up when he is playing well. The loss of his credibility, sponsors, and fan following has been regained too.

We truly will likely never be able to forget his arrogance, the stain on his created reputation, the lies, the denials.

His biography includes so many things, the wins, the majors, the personality, the popularity, the dominance.

But is also includes adultery, a horrible divorce, his addiction to sex, painkillers, alcohol, the rehab center stays, the loss of all his sponsorships, and the disdain so many showed towards him after his years of lies.

So today becomes a possible high point in his comeback, granted not equal to the wins at the British Open or the Masters, but a tremendous accomplishment none-the-less.

After putting his life and then his career into the biggest pot bunker of all time, Woods is hitting out, making shots, getting competitive, winning, and hoping to finish up his career on a positive note.

Tiger Woods-forgiven for what he did, absolutely not. Forgotten-no never, not for those who remember his greatness. Fans favorite, definitely so,now that he is back on his game, personally-professionally.


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