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“Watching TV-Talking TV”


What a five hours of watching television.

The Dodgers punch the ticket to the World Series.

The Raiders rally to club Kansas City.

The Lakers, new players, same result, ugly blowout loss.

I was dial switching back snd forth, from a baseball blowout, to a football street fight, to what looked like a basketball preseason game.

The Dodgers are going to the Wolrd Series. I became choked up listening to manager Dave Roberts talk about his feeling in the dugout, thruout the night, as his team stormed to victory at Wrigley Field. Thinking about his dear-departed dad all evening log.

Every night a different hero, and in the Thursday win, Keke Hernandez carried his team. A grand slam home run, and 2-solo home runs. A 7-RBI night launching LA into the World Series. And he too spent time thinking of is ravaged homeland, Puerto Rico, and all the suffering they’ve gone thru.

Clayton Kershaw was typical dominant and dazzling, as was his bullpen.

For the Cubs, a horrible finish to the pos-season, after getting to the Series, and getting a ring last fall.

From that game, on to the Raiders-and-Chiefs. A controversial start, with cheap shot hits on quarterbacks, personal foul penalties, and a bad ejection.

Derek Carr drove the Raiders to the win, as the Chiefs committed back to back holding calls, giving Oakland 3-untimed snaps on the goal line, where Carr threw a 2-yard TD pass to Michael Crabtree to cap the furious comeback.

There was rage everywhere in the stadium. Alex Smith took a brutal hit to the knee. Carr took a late hit to the head. Marshawn Lynch came off the bench to confront KC played about the hit, shoved a ref, and got ejected.

It was bedlam and a street fight of a game, something you’d expect in a game in the Black Hole.

When the Oakland-KC rumble was over, I flipped to watched the street kill that was the Clippers running over the Lakers college team.

There were stretches it looked like a bad preseason game. It was over by the 2nd quarter, but the Clippers, full of veteran players, have nothing to be proud of. They played poorly together, in the first game with an overhauled roster.

It only counts as one loss for the Lakers, but it wasn’t much of a debut for the launch of the Lonzo Ball career. He had 1-basket into the 4th quarter, got some rebounds, created a turnover or two, but looked overwhelmed.

Of bigger disappointment was the play of the so-called young leaders, Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle, who were a combined (4-of-15) shooting before it became a 25-point blowout.

The Lakers, no longer what they once were, look a long way off from being anything to get excited about.

Lot’s to look forward to, with the Dodgers heading to the Fall Classic against the Yankees or Houston, having now won 13-of their last 15-games..

Lots to look forward to for the second half of the AFC-West season, wondering if the Raiders can build off this win, and chase down Denver and KC and holdoff whatever the Chargers are going to be.

Some Thursday night. Have to go put new batteries in the channel changer, just in case I have another five hours of TV watching like this.


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