1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “What Fans-Voters Think About NFL-National Anthem-Players”

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“What Fans-Voters-Think About NFL-National Anthem-Players”


The war of words involving the NFL, the Players Union,the President, the Media, and its fans was taken to a new level.

Quinnipiac University, which conducts political polls of voters, ha spent the past week doing a random nationwide survey of voters about their feelings of who is right, who is wrong, what they feel about the on going debate of the National Anthem issues and the Social Problems the players are attempting to address.

Statistics worth studying:

Quinnipiac University….Political Poll on National Anthem
..58%-Players are not being unpatriotic…35%-Criticize players-disrespectful

..82%-Democrats-Players right to protest…13%-Players wrong
..82%-Republicans-Players are disrespectful..18%-Agree with players

..67%-Hispanics-Players have right..23%-Players wrong
..85%-Blacks-Players have right protest…13%-Disagree with players
..51%-White Voters-Players are wrong..44%-Allow players protest

..51%-Americans agree with NFL new rules…42%-Disagree
..51%-Americans disagree NFL should fine teams…44%-Agree discipline

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