1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Chargers–All Time Low?”

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“Chargers–All Time Low”


It’s hard to say what else bad could happen to San Diego Chargers fans.

Sunday was about as black a day as a franchise could have, going beyond what happened 6-days earlier.

Then it was the painful sight at Qualcomm Stadium, where Raiders fans overwhelmed the facility, coloring the Stadium in Silver and Black, clinching the AFC-West in the Bolts backyard, and raining boos from start to finish on the home team.

Then there was Christmas Saturday, the lump of coal in the Charger stocking, the choking apple in the throat of field goal kicker Josh Lambo, the ashen look on the face of coach Mike McCoy, and the raging tantrum on the sideline of his quarterback Philip Rivers.

The Bolts lost in Cleveland to a Browns team, (0-14), a team that might be even worse than the Detroit Lions, who went (0-16) just a few years back.

San Diego’s offensive line leaked oil, and 3-starters had to be hauled off with injuries. The defense got dinged again, with the likely loss of another LB-Danzel Perryman with a serious knee injury. They wasted a brilliant 9-sack performance by the defense, though that was against the worst offensive line in the NFL. the one that has toten 5-different quarterbacks injured this year.

Mike McCoy has walked the sidelines of some horrific losses this year, most of them at home infront of passionate Chargers fans, who no longer come to games.

Oh there have been games, and bad seasons in San Diego.

But this is a calamity, because you weren’t looking for a quarterback, like in the Leaf era, but rather hoping you had put enough around your Hall of Fame quarterback to have a good season.

Numbing playoff losses when Norv Turner was coach. Ditto for the time Marty Schottenehiemer was here, and even at the end of the Bobby Ross regime. But those were good teams in those games, who got upset.

Yes San Diego had the (1-15) season in the Ryan Leaf era. And there were (4-12) seasons under Dan Henning. And the horrible drug infested years under Harland Svare.

But what we saw Sunday was in Cleveland was as low as a team can go, losing to a losing franchise. The Browns were (87-189) since 1999, and had lost 17 in a row.

I don’t know how Mike McCoy survives the ‘elevater down’ season this year, on top of last year’s gutter performance.

I don’t know if Tom Telesco needs a vote of confidence at this time.

I wonder if the football paying fans think John Spanos has much credibility left in the bank, except his father gave him that job.

And Dean Spanos has to understand he’s got more problems than just a Stadium crisis to deal with, and has more than just a January 15th decision date on the franchise.

It’s not the fans fault. It’s not the critical media’s fault. They should “own it” and “do something about it.”

Start with an apology to season ticket holders and the fans, then follow with a cleansing of leadership.

The only thing worse that could befall this franchise, would be a devastating injury to Rivers, or the team moving to Los Angeles.

And there’s still a week to play, so anything is still possible.

You’d have to argue hard with me that this was not ‘an all time low’ in Chargers football history.


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