1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers Black Sunday-Their Own Black Hole”

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“Chargers-Black Sunday in their own Black Hole”
by Lee ‘Hacksaw’ Hamilton
CW-6 Sports


It was as ugly a day as you could find in Chargers history.

The owner telling CBS he was “leaning towards moving to Los Angeles”.

His stadium overwhelmed by Raiders fans, on a day when 68,000-showed up-estimates were that 80% of them were wearing Silver and Black.

The (5-9) team went hammer-and-tong against a more talented Raiders team, but wound up losing again.

The scoreboard would show a (19-16) Raiders win. It’s the 7th time this year the Bolts have lost a 4th quarter lead and lost the game. San Diego did everything but win.

McCoy’s teams are now (1-13) vs teams in the AFC-West.

As hard as they’ve played, they have now lost 7-games this year by 8-points or less.

The Chargers jumped the Raiders early, capitalizing on matchups, but then Oakland made changes and grabbed the game by the throat.

After the early TD, the Raiders took over control of the game, outgaining San Diego (134-to-4) in yardage thru much of the first half.

The defense left it all on the field. They kept the Raiders out of the endzone, stopping them at the 1-3-and-6 yard lines, forcing them to kick Sebastian Janikowski field goals.

But in the end, a fumble and an interception at crunch time killed the Chargers hopes. And big hits by Bruce Irvin and Khalil Mack on Philip Rivers, led to another defeat.

Dean Spanos and his sons should take the blame. Look at what their franchise has turned into. Look at what the town has turned into.

It’s not so much bad football, but more so, how badly Spanos has treated everyone.

Angering everyone by trying to move to Carson. Angering everyone by dumping all over City leadership which was trying to do something for his franchise, not done in a decade and a half, get a stadium built.

Spanos seems paralyzed by the decision he has to make. He’s paralyzed his fan base by his actions.

Salute the Raiders for turning their sickly franchise around. Hard work, hitting the jackpot, and staying healthy, have taken a team that was (56-136) over 11-years, to (11-3) and first place this season.

Look at what the Chargers have become in recent seasons, injuries not withstanding.

Look at the atmosphere in that Stadium, and tell me you are not shocked.

The cup is half-full. I do believe they’ve uncovered enough young talent, that coupled with the talent on injured reserve, this team can bounce back next season.

Sadly is appears they’ll be based in LA when it happens. .

A Black Day in San Diego, seeing their stadium turn into a “Black Hole”.

That’s on the Spanos family and no-one else.


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