1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Chargers Collapse-Blame This Guy”

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“Chargers Season-House of Cards Collapsing”


It was awful to watch, the end of the Chargers game, the loss in Tennessee to the Titans.

The excruciatingly long instant replays.  The decisions made on 2-potential touchdowns, taken away from the Chargers.

The blundering mistakes made by the Titans  coach  on 4th down play calls, the decision not to use a challenge flag on the spot of a ball, and the obvious defensive calls that let the Chargers back into the game late in the 4th quarter.

The Bolts season has unravelled, done in by chronic late game turnovers down at the goal line.  Finished off by just injury after injury, week after week.  And 1-individual player who has cost this team the fast start out of the gate most thought they would have.

Melvin Gordon is back on the roster, but he is not the player we knew, saw, liked his first four seasons with the Bolts.

And for the first time this season, I can say I will agree to something Melvin Gordon said on his return to the team.

“There are a lot of haters out there” he popped off about, answering a question about the reaction of people around the team, and the national media, who had opinions on his holdout.

His holdout has cost the team dearly.  They have lost 4-of their last 5-games.  The running game, that was solid early on, has disappeared too.  The 3-games he played in have been 3-losses.

A coaching staff ,trying to reignite Gordon into the offense, has now lost the flash-dash that made Austin Ekeler so dangerous at the start of the season.

The Bolts gave the starting job back to Gordon once he returned.  He has shown nothing.

Sunday’s horrible fumble at the one, with (:15) left crushed the team.  He had three straight carries from the one at the end of the game, and never got into the end zone.

Gordon finished with 16-carries for 32-yards on Sunday.  In his 3-games back, he has now carried its 36-times for 81-yards.  Running backs who average (2.2YPC) shouldn’t be going around asking to be paid 14M a season.

Even worse, now Ekeler has gone into a funk.  In the 3-weeks since Gordon returned, he has 13-carries for all of 28-yards rushing, just a shade over (2.0-YPC).

You don’t run the ball in the NFL, you don’t win, and now they’re not, having fallen to (2-5) on the season.

If Gordon had never held out,this team would likely have won early season games.  If he had been in camp, he would have hit the floor running, in tandem with Ekeler, taking an enormous piece of the workload from an over burdened Philip Rivers.

No he had to stay away, wanting a 125% pay raise, even though he still had a year left on his contract at 5.9M.. He wound up losing 2.2M in salaries by staying gala.

So we sit here on Monday with a team buried in last place.

What’s Gordon going to say now.  Blame it now on fans not coming to their home games in Carson?  Going to blame it on the media?  Point a finger at retired players who should know the value of a running back?  Attack the former players now on network TV again, as  puppets?

Melvin Gordon had lots of things going for him his first four years in the league. Now he’s lost a piece of his popularity with the holdout and his mouth.  Now he’s lost his ability to make plays too.

Talked a good game, but hasn’t played a good game since he ended his ill-advised holdout from the franchise.

I agree with Gordon today.  There are going to be a lot of haters out there now.

He created this situation, hurting his reputation.  Worse so, damaging his team’s season.

Blame him for what has happened.




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