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“Chargers Football…Mad or Sad?”


Another game, another loss, in a lost season, in what has become a series of lost seasons.

Another game, and more serious and scary injuries, to wo of their best young players.

Another Sunday..and more rumors the owner wants to move, and might move, to Los Angeles.

And so it goes, as the Chargers get pounded by a really poor Carolina Panthers team, a shell of what we saw become a Super Bowl team a year ago.

Cam Newton looks mechanically flawed and in-decisive, odd for someone so experienced. They have no running game. The target passes to receivers are many times off target. The defense, the secondary, seems shaky at best.

And this mixed bag of talent beat the hell out of the Chargers, before beating them up.

It was a horrid day for Philip Rivers. Five turnovers, all on his watch, three picks and two fumble-sacks.

Of course he had accomplisses in this mess. The highly paid, under-performaing offensive line. When they were done, he had taken 5-sacks…10-hits and 10-pressures. It’s the fourth time in 5-weeks, Rivers has become a “pinata” for opposing pass rushers.

And the defense got ambushed early, when Cam Newton broke form, and ran the ball three times early in the game, by design, and picked on street free agents, scorching them in the secondary..

And we had the traditional two poor punts by Drew Kasor, giving Carolina what seemed to be awesome field position most of the day.

Yes Rivers tried to rally the troops, but that was when the Panthers took their foot off the pedal. But when it counted, Carolina regained composure and intensity and took care of business in the final quarter.

It is sad what Chargers football has become.

And then the scary injuries by what little star talent was left on the field. Crossing fingers that Melvin Gordon’s hip injury is a strain, and not something structual, like a torn labrum or worse. I cannot get the thought of the Bo Jackson hip injury out of my mind.

And Joey Bosa bounced off a sack attempt of Newton dropping like a sack of potatoes with a strained neck, and maybe a bit of a concussion.

And the leaky offensive line kept limping off the field during the game, when they were not taking penalties or getting beat by the Panthers edge rushers.

Tough to gauge whether Mike McCoy is a good coach. Hell, he has a better team on the injured reserve list than he has on the field.

Tough to blame GM-Tom Telesco. Not his fault for all these injuries.

Tough to say owner Dean Spanos though, does not deserve all the scorn he is getting in this community for what he has done, or not done, in the stadium issues, that just keep simmering out there.

Of course Spanos could deal with these issues, by saying he’s staying here for another year, to solve the Stadium issue, or he is firing McCoy, admitting, this was a mistake. But this is a man who struggles to make decisions, especially right decisions.

23-losses in their last 33-games. Sagging attendance. A battered roster. Wasting what’s left of the career of a great quarterback.

Only 3-more weekends left of this mess, and then a January to determine the future.

Future home of the franchise. Future of the Coach.

It’s like this team is hopeless, helpless, and to some degree clueless.

I’d like to be mad at someone, but I’m not sure who.

So we’ll just be sad for the time being..


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