1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Chargers Football-Same Old-Same Old”

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“Chargers Football-Same Old-Same Old”


The second half of the Chargers season has started just like the beginning of the season.

A poor performance, across the board, and another loss, after we all expected a possible win.

For the record, the Chargers are now (3-6), and all that is new, seems to be plagued by all the old problems.

Here goes a checklist of what I saw.

SPECIAL TEAMS…Not so special once again, a problem that has gone on unstopped for 3-years. George Stewart, who once ran special teams for the Steelers in the Bill Cowher era, has a team in last place in most every category. He has not coached special teams since 1999-why was he hired?

PENALTIES….This week’s goats were kids Rayshawn Jenkins and Michael Davis, who keep picking up flags. They wipe out big gains with bad blocks. Or they commit fouls that tack on yardage for other guy.

FAKE KICKS…The Bolts got caught standing naked as Jacksonville ripped off a 56-yard TD run on a fake punt.

TIGHT ENDS …Where was Hunter Henry in the game plan vs the Jaguars? MIA, hardly ever targeted, and Antonio Gates virtually ignored. Just when you think Henry could be as dangerous-productive as Rob Gronkowski, he does not get targeted.

KID RUNNING BACK…It’s taken Ken Whisenhnunt half a season to find a replacement for all the things Danny Woodhead used to bring to the table. It was a breakout game for the rookie Austin Eckler, but then again, a costly fumble let the Jags back in the game.

DROPS-DROPS-DROPS…Happened again. Tyrell Williams dropped an open TD pass that could have blown the game open. And S-Tre Boston dropped another surge-fire pick six, but he is a defensive back.

ODD MISTAKE…Joey Bosa plays so hard, and for an odd time, he stepped over the line, with the late hit, throw to the ground, of QB-Blake Bortels. You can forgive him for being all out all the time.

DUMB MISTAKES…Tre Boston picks off a pass and starts dancing and steps out of bounds, rather than running up the field with the idea of burning the clock. Not too smart.

CLOCK MANAGEMENT….Hey we are only 9-games into the season. Delay of game flag after penalties. Burned timeouts. Undisciplined mental penalties. It happened opening game in September. Still happening in November. Not very smart leadership is there?

DENZEL DO IT…Quite a first game back for Denzel Perryman. He was everywhere making plays the whole first half, but ran out of gas in the second half. Need him on the field all the time.

HAUNTED AGAIN…In same old Chargers fashion, they get put down by someone they got rid of. This time, erratic K-Josh Lambo comes back and bangs home two late field goals, to tie it, then win it. Never ends.

TWO MINUTE WARNING…That was as ugly-bad-wild as you could imagine. The final two minutes of the game. The Ekeler fumble. The two Tre Boston interceptions off Bortels. The two taunting penalties, flags of stupidity by the Jags. The Bosa roughing he passer penalty.

SCOREBOARD DOES NOT LIE….The Chargers are now (13-31) dating back two and a half years. Anybody believe this team is improving? They now have 14-one touchdown losses in the last year and a half.

COACHING EQUATION…Is this team any better with Anthony Lynn, than it was Mike McCoy? The big issue, everyone of the offensive coordinators the Spanos family has hired have failed as head coaches. Ownership is a problem too, isn’ t it.

FIGHT FOR LA….Ha-Ha. Rams now (7-2) and look for real. Chargers seem forever a failure, with an aging quarterback. Another non playoff season for the Bolts.


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