1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Chargers-Just 2-Questions”

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“Just Asking Questions-Chargers”


Another lead for the Chargers…turns into another loss….the 6th blown lead in the fourth quarter that results in another loss.

For the uniformed, or those living on Mars-Saturn-Pluto…the Chargers are now (5-7) and out of the AFC-playoff race again.

Philips Rivers couldn’t do it by himself. Melvin Gordon put on a dynamic first half of effort. The Joey Bosa-Melvin Ingram pass rush tandem is fun.

But then again, it is a four quarter game. And the Chargers don’t have much help on the back seven in pass coverage.

And Jameis Winston is really something special.

Then Tampa Bay coach Dirk Koetter out schemed Mike McCoy.

And the Chargers mismanaged their timeouts again.

And they tried a long field goal (54Y) rather than put Winston and his battered wide receiver corps on a long field, exposing him to that Bolt pass rush.

It sure sounded like a Tampa Bay home game, lots of fans wearing Pewter and Orange.

And it turned out bad, as it seems to all the time for Mike McCoy.

So as the sun comes up today everywhere in San Diego, except at the Fortress, these are the numbers consider in the chilly morning temperatures.

McCoy’s teams have lost 22-of-32 dating back to December 2014.

They’ve lost 8-of their last 11-at home.

They are (17-26) in one touchdown games under McCoy.

Sure doesn’t seem he can make them win does it?

So the questions of the day?

For Dean Spanos, with all these planted rumors swirling around the country, are you moving to Los Angeles?

For John Spanos, who runs the football side, how much longer can you allow this head coach to stay on the job?

What more do the fans have to see? What more do you have to see? To see this isn’t working out.


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