1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Chargers-Losses Pile Up…Piling On”

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“Chargers–Losses Piling Up–Piling On the Bolts”


It started early on Sunday night at the Chargers-Steelers game in Carson.

First play of the game…the chants went all around the Stadium…”Beat LA-Beat LA”.

The first possession, quarterback Philip Rivers took a huge hit.  Then 3-plays later, he collapsed under the weight of 3-pass rushers tagging him.

And then the Sunday Night broadcast crew, Al Michaels-Chris Collinsworth talked about the overwhelming numbers of fans wearing Black & Gold.

Michaels sounded off “75% of the fans here are rooting to the Steelers.  Chris Collinsworth added on “and the other 25% are thinking about converting.”

And it went from awful, to bad, to worse.  At one point there were more hits and sacks on the Chargers quarterback than they had first downs.

Then it became a (24-0) deficit, losing to a street free agent quarterback from a 1-AA school.

How gruesome it must be to be a member of the Chargers organization.  72,000-fans showed up, up the road to see the Rams play the 49ers in the Coliseum.

Steelers fans were everywhere at the Chargers futbol stadium watching their team beat up a Bolts team on the brink of collapse, as their record fell to (2-4).

Pick any category you want and there was a negative attached to the Bolts night.

..Rivers 2-interceptions and a fumble on a blown lateral pass.
..Rivers 1-sack, 7-hits, 7-pressures…Grounding penalty.
..Offensive line got beat 7X..allowed 7-hits..1-sack..took 2-penalites.
..Running backs had 14-carries for 32-yards.
..Offense, no touchdowns in the first half for the second week in a row.
..Desmond King dropped another punt-took taunting penalty
..Travis Benjamin dropped pass
..Mike Williams dropped pass
..Jatavis Brown missed tackle that led to TD
..Thomas Davis helmet hit penalty
..Bolts defense 8-missed tackles in first half alone
..Another missed field goal

It was a devastating beat-down against a club without its quarterbacks.

And yet rookie RB-Bennie Snell mashed his way to 75-yards rushing.  James Connor carried the ball 7-straight times and finished the night with 41-rushing and 78-in receptions.

And the kid quarterback, throwing short all night, wound up 132-yards passing and a critical 8-yard run when they needed a first down to blunt whatever thoughts the Chargers had of a comeback.  Some debut on the road for Duck Hodges.

And for the Bolts, they saw what real quality linebacking looked like, in TJ Watt-Devin Bush and friends.

So Dean Spanos’ team is (2-4) and they’ve compiled that record even with getting breaks not having to face the injured Andrew Luck or the surgically repaired Ben Roethlisberger.

Still to come on this schedule, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, two games with Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs, a game with the Bears, a trip to Denver, 2-againts Jon Gruden’s team, and Kirk Cousins and Minnesota.  Up next, a road trip to play the snarky Tennessee Titans, who always make things a street fight in Nashville. How do you like those prospects?.

And if all the injuries and these losses weren’t enough, the report that the Rams have sold over 250M in PSL licenses and season tickets, heading into the new LA-NFL Stadium next year.  The Chargers have sold less than 50M, and those at discounted prices.

I imagine things will be pretty sullen at their facility in Costa Mesa.

If they’re fed up with all the cheering from Steelers fans in their yard, they’d be pretty upset knowing  the good feeling of Chargers fans in San Diego, watching and rooting on everytime something bad happened to the Dean Spanos family owned team.

Losses pile up.  Fans and media piling on.  It’s what the Chargers owner has brought on himself with the ill-advised move to Los Angeles three seasons ago.

I close my eyes, and I see the Steelers running backs running wide open in the flat on wheel passes.  I see all the Terrible Towels in the crowd.  I hear the bedlam and the din around that stadium.  I listen to the chant Beat LA-Beat LA that went on from start to finish.,

Sucks to be a Spanos these days, doesn’t it?


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