1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers-Lousy Loss-But Just 1-Loss”

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“Chargers-Lousy Loss-But Just 1-Loss”


The way you play-the day you play-means a lot during the NFL regular season.

That’s why you see performances like the Chargers shabby outing…the loss to a staggering Denver Broncos team.

You know Denver, losers of 6-of-7, where the coach was on the brink of being fired by a General Manager (John Elway) who has made a lot of mistakes himself. They lost to a Broncos team that was without 3-starting offensive lineman, out with injuries.

The Chargers wasted away a lead (19-7), saw their 6-game win streak snapped, and probably lost a chance at chasing down 1st place Kansas City. They had (437Y) in total offense, kept the ball for 37-minutes and didn’t get a win.

Another big injury, maybe a season ending knee problem for DE-Corey Liuget, coming a week after they lost top inside linebacker Denzel Perryman.

Philip Rivers threw for (401Y) in pushing his team to a big lead. But he threw 2-interceptions, took 3-sacks, and gave Denver some (:40) additional on the clock at the end of the game, throwing the ball away, when if he had taken a sack, the clock would have kept ticking away.

Lots of paper cuts during this game.

Michael Badgley missed his first field goal after all those good kicks.

There were 14-Bolts penalties, 7-in each half.

They were beaten for the second week in a row on a fake punt that wound up for a lst down.

They let rookie Phil Lindsey explode for a big run on a ‘wildcat’ direct snap play.

There were not quarterback sacks from a defensive front that had both Liuget and Joey Bosa on the field for the first time this season.

The wide outs dropped 3-passes, heck, Rivers could have had 500-yards passing.

Then a shaky defense, let Case Keenum put together the game winning scoring drive in the final (1:51) starting from his own 8-yard line. He completed 6-passes in a row…spiked the ball…and let kicker Brandon McManus win it with (:03) left.

It’s not a death blow to the Bolts. They are still (7-3)…but now with Liuget gone, and Bosa not really football ready to play-down-by-down, some of the six games left on the schedule, have to be looked at it a new light.

Cincinnati will be coming in, and they are still dangerous.

Arizona is having a miserable swain with kid QB-Josh Rosen, so that should be a victory.

Who knows about Baltimore, with an ailing Joe Flacco, but now a dangerous rookie Lamar Jackson is making things happen.

But fear creeps in over the rest of the road games.

Ben Roethlisberger and red hot Pittsburgh await.

Maybe Denver feels better about itself now with this win, and they do play well in the Mile High City, with the rematch coming up.

And then there is Arrowhead Stadium and Kansas City, and you know that history.

The Chargers still are the top wildcard team, with a chance for a home game, but even that comes with issues. You know, other teams fans overflowing the futbol stadium where the Chargers play football.

It only counts as 1-loss in the standings, but it was a lousy loss, and now you wonder if the Bolts are upper echelon.

The way you play-the day you play. Sunday was poor. The next 6-Sundays need to be better.


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