1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers–Monday Mess”

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“Monday Mess in Chargersville”


The game was awful, but then again a lot of what we have seen from the Chargers has been awful this season.

The (4-8) record they drag to the Monday morning breakfast tables is  an honest configuration of who they are, what they have become.

So much for the slogan “Bolt Up”, created by Team President of Business Operations AG Spanos.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it with his empty suit leadership.

Sunday’s setback goes down as an appalling loss to a struggling Denver Broncos team, that was (3-8), and starting its 7th different quarterback over the last four years..

The Bolts lost to a team that did not have its two best defensive players, pass rushers Von Miller and Brad Chubb.

They had a rookie QB-who had never played in a game in his brief NFL career in Drew Lock, and yet he engineered two scoring drives, hardly turned the ball over and did not panic under the heat of 10-pressures by the Bolts pass rush.

They lost because of breakdowns, here-there-everywhere during the course of the game.

A “Harry High School” jump screen pass by QB-Philip Rivers, picked off, became his 15th pick of the season, that led to points.

Another fumbled punt, this time by Trumayne Pope, that led to more points.

Russell Okung, back on the field after groin problems, took 3-penalties..two that wiped out big plays.

There was a brutal roughing the punter penalty that kick started a drive that resulted in points.

CB-Casey Hayward was beaten for 2-TD passes, then committed the egregious pass interference contact penalty on a Hail Mary pass, that kept the game going with (:03) and led to the Brandon McManus game winning field goal.  Drives me crazy when the TV network guys from CBS keep calling him the best cover CB the team has…hasn’t been that way since he was in San Diego.

Coach Anthony Lynn and his hand chosen offensive coordinator struggled to figure out when to use time outs, and what plays to call.

Yes, Rivers threw for (265) and yes Melvin Gordon ran for (99Y)..and yes Mike Williams hauled in amazing 55-and-37 yard catches, and Keenan Allen vaulted over the top for a 36Y-TD reception, and Austin Ekeler had a 36-yard catch and run.

But out of some 70-snaps in the game, the Chargers had about 7-decent plays.

The rest of the time, they had no flow, no rhythm, and little success.

And despite a heroic day from DE-Melvin Ingram, no one did anything else on defense.  Lock did not freak out, they never sacked him, and he withstood pressure, moved the pocket and made enough plays to not get yanked nor decked.

On a day when we were treated to the brilliance of Lamar Jackson, leading Baltimore to the win over San Francisco, or watching a 3rd string Steelers quarterback led his team to his 3rd straight win as a rookie starter, or the Texans stun the Patriots, or Jared Goff throw for (424Y)…Chargers fans in San Diego and whomever follows the team in LA, were treated to another four quarters of losers football.

The Bolts are 12-games into a non playoff season, and aside from the one great complete game when they jumped the Green Bay Packers, they haven’t played four quarters of football on any given Sunday this season.

If Chargers fans weren’t on such a hate mission against the Spanos family, you’d feel sorry for Rivers and his teammates.

The distance, San Diego to Baltimore, covers (2,628 miles).  The difference between the Chargers and the Ravens, the hottest team in the NFL, seems a lot farther than that.

Four more weeks till the Ravens welcome everybody to the NFL playoffs.  Only four more weeks of watching this miserable product the used to be our team.

“Bolt Up”.  Maybe fans will “Bolt Out” in support of this team, you know the one that is now in last place in the AFC-West.

Chargersville-a real mess.


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