1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday. “Chargers-Padres-Aztecs-USD-Gulls–What Needs To Be Said”

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“What I Think–What I Saw”


CHARGERS….Brutal battering QB-Philip Rivers took, the 5-sack-10 hit pounding in loss to lowly Raiders defense….Only way the kid Its get better will be to play them…There is no alternative.

CHARGERS…GM-Tom Telesco interesting reaction….”Don’t let Raiders loss beat you twice…”…Get ready for game in Mexico City against Chiefs.  Telesco, who never goes into the locker-room, had to go in the night before the Raiders game to address the London rumors.

CHARGERS….Bad decisions, bad luck, bad mojo.  Name it, it has happened to a (4-6) football team.  Melvin Gordon’s ill advised selfish holdout.  The wrath of injuries that just does not go okay.  And the bad karma that seems to follow owner Dean Spanos in the aftermath of the decision to take the money and run to Los Angels.

AZTECS…A (7-2) record is very good this time of the year, so the public grumbling about boring football is a surprise.  What is not so good is the continued erratic play of SDSU’s offensive unit, this deep late into the season.  Yards and TDs tough to come by right now.  If Rocky Long is truthful about incorporating the passing game more-he better recruit better big play wide receivers.  Just asking, when was last time SDSU had an all conference wide receiver?  They are all over the parking lot, everyone else, even at the Mountain West level, can recruit size wideouts and some with terrorist speed, why not here?  Go get some better receivers to compliment all the other good things on the field.

AZTECS…Sure would like to know how SDSU accounted for over 27,000 fans at Saturday loss to Nevada.  What they should truly release is paid attendance and free tickets.  What they should do is hire better marketing people to sell a pretty good product on the field. This coach is (76-36) on the Mesa, and no one supports the program, not even the 120,000 so called graduate alums that live here?  How come?
USD…No one pays attention, but they should.  Toreros QB-Reid Sinnett, could be the Walter Payton Award winner this year.  That’s the 1-AA version of the Heisman Trophy.  USD is headed to post season playoffs again.  Would be nice if they could host a home game.  Like to see AD Bill McGillis do some creative selling to lure a playoff game, and have the community get behind the team.  USD is not on anyone’ radar.

PADRES…They know how to throw a party, nice “Bring Back the Brown” celebration on Saturday night at Petco Park for some 3,000 or so fans.  Like the pinstripe look, wish they had a new ‘font’ design for Padres instead of the block letters.  Welcome back ‘Swinging Friar’ on the shoulder patch.  Next up,  get some more players for this moribund batting order.

PADRES….GM’s meetings starting Monday over in Scottsdale…AJ Preller should shop Will Myers to an American League team for a pitcher….I’d hate to part with C-Austin Hedges, but you have to “give-to-get” in the trade market.

PADRES… Tough decisions coming with overload of young pitchers they have to account for on the 40-man roster leading into the Rule 5-Draft.  Also tough decisions if people offer you a bat, which arm are you going to part with, Eric Later, Cal Quantrill or younger prospects.  Cannot protect all of them.

PADRES…New manager, new coaches, so Darren Balsey gets reassigned for final year of his contract.  Will work and will have impact tutoring minor league pitchers in the system.  If I were Bud Black in Colorado, I’d be calling Balsley about the Rockies pitching coach consultant position.  Same thing when and if the Giants hire a manager.

AZTECS…Gritty impressive win for SDSU hoops in Provo against BYU.  Jordan Schakel hits 4-three point shots in a row to trigger rally against Cougars.  The 3-guards and Schakel give State some real firepower.  Just have to keep the big men on defense healthy.  They have every component to be pretty good.

USD…This will be a tough season for Sam Scholl led basketball team on Alcala Way….Bad break losing 6’10-C-Yau Massalski with bone spur surgery on a foot….Disappointing in that USD had two years to get ready via recruiting to replace firepower that graduated last year, and it does not look like they got enough in recruiting aside from a couple of late transfers into the program.

GULLS…So many news faces on the roster, I knew it would take time, and the (0-6) start was hard, but it is starting to come together.  They picked up a group of AHL veterans who will score goals.  Now they need to keep the parent Anaheim Ducks from calling to take players back up to the NHL.  The latest to leave, 2nd year D-Simon Benoit.


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