1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Chargers Sunday-Typical Home Game”

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“Chargers Football–Typical Sunday at Home”


You could view it as a comedy errors if it weren’t so tragic what the Chargers have become.

Losers on the field…losers in the Stadium.

It was a typical Sunday home game.  A stadium awash in the other teams colors, this time Minnesota Viking purple.  A sea of turnovers by the Philip Rivers led offense.  Chants of ‘defense-defense’, those Viking fans drinking and shouting and wearing their jerseys when this version of Purple People Eaters kept taking the ball away.

It was horrid, the 7-turnovers in all committed by the Bolts.  For those keeping score at home, it was the worst turnover game for the team dating back to 1986 when they did the same against the NY Giants, some 33-seasons ago..  .

An enraged Coach Anthony Lynn opened his post game press conference..”we got our ass kicked in all phases” any questions.

He went on to call his top running back ‘careless’ and his quarterback ‘struggling’, furious after watching an afternoon full of mistakes.

Hard to continue to have faith in Rivers when he throws 3-more picks and fumbles a ball that turned into a 56-yard TD for Minnesota’s defense.  Added on a bad grounding penalty.

That quarterback now has 10-picks in the last five games, and is looking more and more like the guy he was traded for, Eli Manning-of the Giants.  And for the first time he cast doubts about his future wearing the Lightning Bolt, indicating the next two games might be his final games for this franchise.

Hard to believe Melvin Gordon has any future now, after he was benched after two fumbles, sitting out all but one snap in the 3rd and 4th quarter as the game became an embarrassing (39-10) blowout infront of the Chargers coaching staff.

A blocked punt added salt to the wound to make it feel worse.

Hunter Henry fumbled.  Austin Ekeler put two on the ground that he recovered.  Just think about the total, 9-loose balls in this ugliest of losses

The Bolts defense finally caved after having kept Minnesota out of the end zone, forcing field goals when the Vikings got the ball as deep as 7-9-20-27-28 yard lines, but even they fell apart late in the game.

Cornerback Michael Davis, just off his drug suspension, came back on the field, took a pass interference call in the end zone, took a holding call on a 3rd down, and gave up 3-more completions.

Despite an early first half bonanza of big plays, of 15-18-18-26-38 yards, the Chargers were still in a hole (19-10) at the half, by virtue of all the giveaways.  The big plays were undone by all the mistakes.

Imagine what it must have felt like to sit in the owners booth, watching the guys wearing Purple reel off 30-points in a row, in your stadium, and hearing Minnesota’s fans roar as the game went on and on.

One more home game, with the Raiders, then the season ending game with the Chiefs in Kansas City.  Color of the day next Sunday will be Silver & Black, in the ‘battle of the basement teams’.

Could you have ever imagined the Bolts would start the season around Labor Day Weekend, and proceed to go (5-9) with that array of talent?

If you want to send a card of condolence to owner Dean Spanos, just mail it to Chargers…c/o Last Place-AFC West….Carson, California.

Chargers football, typical Sunday for them, a road game at home, a sea of Purple, and another bad loss.

It would be a comedy of errors, if it wasn’t so tragic, that owner took this team from the fans who loved it in San Diego.

Anybody feel sorry for anybody in Chargersville?



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