1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday. “Chargers-Ugly-Really Ugly-But a Win”

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“Ugly-Really Ugly-But a Win”


What did you expect? A Picasso of a painting of a football game, or a smudged finger painting, running all over the canvas?

That’s what you get when you pair two (0-4) football teams against each other.

But for the Chargers, they got a win, a hard-earned, downright grimey win against a really poorly run New York Giants football team.

Philip Rivers hung tough, taking hits, making plays. Keenan Allen made some big catches. Melvin Gordon ran angry. And the only two quality players on the Chargers defense, led a pass rush that made the difference.

Nobody questions how ugly the game was, only if you won.

And they did, with the Chargers kicking a cripple in the gutter, when it was down (27-22),

The Giants lost their top 4-receivers, including a likely season ending ankle surgery to Odell Beckham. Without #13, without Brandon Marshall, Sterling Sheppard and others, Eli Manning had no help.

Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram led a pass rush that had 5-sacks, and 2-takeaways, and were in Manning’s face all day.

Allen caught 5-big passes. And Gordon got his touches, and got 163-hard earned all purpose yards.

Rivers survived a brutal end zone interception, and a fumbled snap, to finish with (259-P-3TD). But at one point in the game, the Bolts QB was (11-28). Think about that.

This was an awful-woeful day for Ben McAdoo, head coach, and failing play-caller.

They played power ball early, running up the early (9-0) lead, pounding the ball. And then McAdoo started to call passing plays. And he kept calling them, exposing Manning to the rush, and going 3-and-out as receiver after receiver went down.

What should have been an early lead to build on, became a football game because of McAdoo’s stupidity.

It was messy, like spilled paint everywhere.

Casey Hayward got torched for two long TD passes. There were guys running open, luckily Manning missed them. There were a combined 22-penalites in the game.

The Chargers OL problems continued with bad shotgun snaps, delay of game penalties, a safety, 5-dropped passes by the Bolts and more. How do you have 12 on the field coming out of timeout. And special teams allowed a whopping 162-yards in kick-punt return plays.

Thank goodness they were playing the awful-woeful Giants.

So they come home at (1-4), and for a few hours, they have to feel okay. Of course next week, they head back to Oakland, in what will be like putting your hands into a hornets nest. The Raiders have lost 3-in a row. .

Nothing to feel good about in New York, where the tabloids will like spew venom to every corner of the Giants Stadium.

An ugly win is better than another bad loss. The Bolts know that. The Giants are still suffering because of that.


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