1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers-Vikings….A Dose of Truth”

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“Vikings-Chargers–A Dose of Truth”


Old dog quarterback beat the young stud.

Old school coach beat smart guy rookie coach

The Vikings survived themselves to beat the Chargers (27-20) before a ton of people wearing Purple, in what was supposed to be a Chargers road game at home on Sunday.

Minnesota was not what the record said they were.  Yes they were (3-5) but their losses were by 1-3-6-6-7.  They played alot tougher in this win.

Sunday they went up and down the field and kept making mistakes, but they got it done late when they had too.

Mike Zimmer, old school coach, out schemed young coach Brandon Staley with tough guy football.

Kirk Cousins, the warrior quarterback, stood in there against the blitz and the pressures, took hits, turned the ball over but kept making plays on all these possessions.

It was another hard day at the office for Justin Herbert, who had a couple of drives for scores but showed none of the spice to his game that we saw in the beginning of the season.  He was not helped with 5-dropped passes, 2-sacks, 3-other hits and a bad pick.

The flash and dash of early season is gone; the Bolts had just 10-plays of plus 10…the Vikings have 15 of them.  Minnesota had grinding 66-and-68 play scoring drives and when they needed the ball, they drained the clock on a 10-play time consuming effort.

And what has become the norm, a defense fraught with problems, gave up lots of yards thru the air, on the ground, and got pushed abound in long scoring drives in the loss.

The Chargers might have flash with the kid quarterback, but they seem stacked with problems at mid-season.

No way to hide the inability of the Chargers to stop the run, gashed for a bunch of yards by Dalvin Cook.

No way to disguise the shortcomings of the kid DBs, Trevaughn Campbell, forced to play because of injuries to others, gave up 5-big pass plays and added a bad penalty..

The Bolts confirmed they had headset problems on the defensive side of the ball.  Yeah, that another alot of tackling problems too.

Derwin James and Joey Bosa made plays, but also got burned and beat.

The linebackers cannot cover receivers.  The punt cover teams gave up 15-and-46 yard returns.

Dalvin Cook showed Austin Ekler what heavy duty runs after contact were about.

And even when Minnesota self destructed with critical penalties, deep in Chargers territory, they did not fold.  That’s what having a veteran coach and a veteran quarterback means when the going gets tough.

Only counts as one loss, but the losses are piling up now, considering how good the Chargers were to start the season against so many tough teams.

Veteran coaches live by the video and and they have figured out ways to slow down what the young Chargers coach  did early in the NFL season.

Next week, Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers come to town.  Pittsburgh is not what it used to be, but then again they have Mike Tomlin directing Ben and the boys.  Think there will be a few people wearing Black & Gold at So Fi next weekend?

Everybody is paying attention to the Chargers these days.  Staley’s job just got tougher.  Herbert is learning what real life in the NFL is like.  1-Sunday does not look-feel like the next Sunday.


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