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“Is It Me-or-Them?”


I watched all four games this NFL wildcard weekend.

A bunch of blowouts, lots of cold weather, a couple of cheapshot hits that led to injuries.

But something really struck me odd.

The difference between the talent level of what we saw Saturday and Sunday on the field, and what we have had to watch all season long, in this wreckage of a season with the Chargers.

There was Aaron Rodgers working all that magic as Green Bay torched the New York Giants defense in frigid 11-degree weather at Lambeau. Rodgers, with no running game, and a shaky offensive line, goes for another 300-yard day and 4-more TDs.

In the midst of this seven game win streak, he has thrown 20-TDs, and no interceptions.

In Pittsburgh, Ben Roethlisberger came out throwing, Antonio Brown catching, Le’Veon Bell a record yardage running day, and a defense that pounded Miami.

Seattle devoid of pass blocking talent drilled Detroit, running the ball, and creating big plays from Russell Wilson to any and all wide receivers.

Of course there was a clinker in that Houston-Raiders game, though that Texans defense does get after it.

I sat there and watched the flow, the consistency, the dynamics and the dominance of three of the teams that won on the weekend.

And then I thought about the Chargers, and how there was hardly any flow to their offense for four quarters of football. And I thought of the Bolts pass rush, but not much else on defense, especially in pass coverage on the back seven..

And it really dawned on me, how far away talent-wise the Chargers are from being equal to the teams that played on wildcard weekend.

Yes maybe the return of a large chunk of those 20-guys on injured reserve this year, coupled with the young athletes they uncovered this miserable season, led by Philip Rivers, will put the Chargers back on track.

And I had to laugh at the things Chargers team President John Spanos said to may face about competing for a Super Bowl in San Diego. Yes I guess he has to say corporate things like that, to keep the family flame lit, keep the hope going, impress his Dad..

But how about winning some games in the division, where you are (1-13)? How about a winning season first?. How about making the playoffs?. How about winning a post season game, where you have just one victory over the last ten?

Goals are nice. Being delusional is not.

Watching what I saw, and knowing next week we get to see the Patriots and Falcons, Cowboys and Chiefs play, makes me realize reality.

I see a pretty big talent gap between San Diego and the teams playing in January. Other teams have talent, lots of it. This team doesn’t have enough. Doesn’t have a coach either.

The distance between “them” and “us” is like the distance between Boston and San Diego. Lots of miles. Lots of wins. Lots of leadership too.


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