1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers Week-From Bad to Worse”

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“Chargers Week Goes from Bad-to-Worse”


Explanations or Excuses.

It does not matter, because the Chargers are (4-6) and pretty much out of the playoff race.

They lost an ugly game yesterday to the Miami Dolphins.

Their offensive line was mugged by the Miami defense front. Ndomakong Suh, Cam Wake and that gang just smashed the San Diego offensive front, and blasted Philip Rivers.

Yes Rivers threw 4-interceptions, an all time worst day in his career. But it was more than that.

He took 10-hits..was pressured 14-times, had to move the pocket, throw off his back foot, and take all types of shots.

Yes Rivers hit a few pass plays down the field, but the longer it went, the worse it got for the Bolts quarterback.

The reality, who aside from that quarterback, and the stud running back, Melvin Gordon, scares any defense? No one I know.

Antonio Gates caught 4-balls early then disappeared. Rookie Hunter Henry has not been the same since a minor concussion issue and a knee injury.

On defense, for the second week in a row, the pass rush never got to the quarterback either. The end result was 13-plays of plus 10-yards…and 6-critical plays of plus-20 yards.

The Dolphins nearly gave it away, with 7-critical penalties that gave San Diego first downs, but the Chargers turnovers kept negating everything Miami gave them.

A beaten down Mike McCoy and an overwhelmed Philip Rivers were downtrodden after game.

6-minute press briefings filled with cliches told the story.

McCoy had to look at the video, yeah, like watching it will make things better.

Better if he was just honest, and told the truth, the team doesn’t have enough play makers on either side of the ball, so many are hurt.

The day started badly and got worse. Kansas City and Denver appeared on their way to losses, but rallied to win, thanks to their defenses, in critical road games.

3-teams in the AFC-West now have 7-wins, San Diego is (4-6), and facing a road game in Carolina, one in Tampa, and homefield matchups with the Chiefs and Raiders.

What a terrible week. Losing at the ballot box, then losing on the field.

A shame, that the stadium had so many empty seats, and there were so many Miami fans in the yard.

Worse, 6-more weeks of futility ahead with half a roster.

Solution, wait till next year, hope for more players, return to health of others.

From bad to worse, you wonder if it every will end.



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