1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Chargers-What Did You Expect?”

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Chargers-What Did You Expect”


They didn’t have a good record against good teams. They hadn’t beaten the Chiefs in 3-years. They hardly ever win at Arrowhead Stadium.

With all that baggage with them, they went into Kansas City, and got battered by the Chiefs.

With the Kansas City fans singing that ‘Tomahawk Chop’ theme all night, the longer the game went, the worse it got for the Chargers.

So much for making the playoffs, winning the division, winning the ‘Fight for LA’.

Philip Rivers got pounded in the second half, taking big hits, on each of the 3-passes that wound up as interceptions.

His receivers dropped passes, ran seemingly wrong routes, his rookie running back turned it over on a critical fumble, and then they lost 9-players during the game with injuries.

Of course history was not on their side. The Bolts had lost 7-in a row to the Chiefs in the division. They were (8-29) at Arrowhead dating back to the Bobby Ross era in 1989.

They were never that great to begin with. Anthony Lynn’s team was just (2-4) vs teams with winning records, and those two wins were suspect, against a Buffalo rookie quarterback, and a Cowboys team after the suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Rivers cannot do this by himself. Both offensive tackles exited with injuries, Russell Okung and the chronically hurt Joe Barksdale.

Heart and soul linebacker Denzell Perryman went down with a hamstring. Defensive end Corey Liuget exited with a groin. Keenan Allen was carted off with a back issue.

So as the players went down, most in the second half,the die was cast, for this team to see its playoff hopes die on the field.

It’s tough to separate the fans passion that might still exist for the team that left San Diego. But it’s not hard to feel the hate that still spills out at the Spanos Family, and the wish that family would suffer and suffer and suffer for all they did in leaving the loyal fans behind.

It is stunning the playoff drought that is wrapped around Rivers, just 1-playoff win in 11-years.

It’s an indictment of the football decision makers they are wasting away the career of a great quarterback and a greater person, in Rivers.

You witness the continued greatness of AFC rivals like the Patriots, and the Steelers, the long run of success the Broncos have had under the Pat Bowlen family, even the end result of the rebuilding efforts in Kansas City, and then compare it to the utter ineptness of all things involving Dean Spanos.

The Chargers will likely wind up (8-8) as a I predicted, but they are a loser, because the owner is a loser.

A big lump of coal in that Christmas stocking.

I knew what they were. You know what they are. So how could anyone expect anything different heading into Arrowhead Stadium.

Playoff team. No. Playoff Fraud. Yes.

What did you expect?


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