1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday. “Congrats to President Donald Trump”

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“Congrats to Donald Trump”


He has been President and Commander in Chiefs for 9-months.

He has finally gotten something accomplished.

He has not reformed the flaws in Obamacare. He has not gotten the wall at the Mexican border built. We are still awaiting the coal mine jobs he promised in West Virginia. Is there progress on tax reform?

And he has not solved all the international issues, ie-Russian government, North Korea missles, nor global warming, the confederate flag issue, nor Fake News or computer hacking.

And how many of his dream hires are still left from his opening day lineup?

But I will say this, he has finally unified our country.

With his fiery rhetoric at that appearance in Alabama, coupled with his long standing late night tweets about the American flag, and NFL players, he has unified our country.

NFL fans, players, owners lit up the President on twitter, and then with enormous emotional displays as the National Anthem was played, defiance against him played out on network TV.

Across the country, the reaction has been unanimous, across the board, condemning the leader in the White House.

The Steelers players and coaches refused to stand on the sidelines during the anthem, staying in the locker-room, the lone exception being left tackle Alejandro Villanueva who served three tours in Afghanistan before beginning his NFL career.

At 13-other games, the protests from those in NFL raged. Players stood locked arm in arm in a show of unity.

Owners, and front office people, stood with their players on the sidelines.

Some players knelt during the anthem. Others more defiant sat. 1-turned his back. Some raised black power fists.

The quotes and tweets from the NFL leadership were pointed and strong.

Trump’s strongest supporter, New England owner Robert Kraft had lots to say. Saints coach Sean Payton was even more exact in his critique.
It went on and on, from city to city, team to team, player to player.

Below are the choices quotes and the TV scans I did of what the teams did after what Trump said and did:

NFL….League wide flashback at President Donald Trump for comments NFL teams should “fire” players who don’t stand for National Anthem
…”Fire son of bitch”
…”Privledge to make millions-don’t disrespect the flag”
…”Fans should boycott the games”
…”Goodell trying justify disrespect to flag”
…Standing for flag is respectful..sitting-kneeling is not”
…”Visiting the White House in as honor”
…”Golden State invitation is rescinded.”

NFL…Response around sports:
…Roger Goodell..”Trump is divisive leader”
…DeMaurice Smith…”Right of every citizen”
…John Mara-Giants…”Inappropriate comments”
…Steven Ross-Miami…”NFL is unifying leadership”
…Jed York-49ers..”Callous statement”
…Arthur Blank-Falcons..”Demonizing viewpoint”
…Steve Bisciotti-Ravens…”Highest form of democracy-protests”
…Robert Kraft-Patriots..”Deeply disappointed”
…Jim Haslam-Browns..”Misguided-uninformed”
…Mark Murphy-Redskins..”Offensive comments”
…Sean Payton-Saints..”We need dignity in the White House”
…Pete Carroll-Seattle..”Time to take a stand”
…Jim Irsay-Colts..”Sports unifies country”
…Mike Tomlin-Steelers…”Stay in our lockeroom”
…Richard Sherman-Seahawks..”This president in unacceptable”
…Steven Haushka-Seattle..”White People need see inequality exists”
…Tom Brady-Patriots..”Strength-Passion-Brotherhood”
…Chris McCain-Chargers..”President is not on our side”
…Philip Rivers-Chargers..”Show Your Love for country-flag-neighbor”
…Alex Smith-Chiefs..”I’d be lying if I said the comments didn’t upset me”
…Alex Smith-Chiefs..”This league isn’t perfect..no one is…I’m proud of NFL”
…Chris Collinsworth-NBC..”Trump needs to apologize…-

…LeBron James called President “U-bum”
…Steph Curry…”Our right to feel the way we do:”
…Chris Paul…”Stay in your lane”

…Richard Petty-NASCAR owner said he would fire any employee not stand
…Richard Childress-NASCAR owner said there would be discipline his team.

NFL…Steelers stayed in lockeroom as a team in protest of Trump comments-Pittsburgh sideline empty during anthem-pittsburgh OT-Alejandro Villanueva stood entrance to field-hand over heart-for anthem
…Chiefs LB-Justin Houston turned his back to field-knelt and prayed.
…Ravens-Jaguars players linked arm on sidelines during anthem
…Giants players raised fist in black power salute
…Eagles players knelt across sidelines
…Patriots QB-Tom Brady locked arms
…Packers QB-Aaron Rodgers knelt
…Broncos LB-Von Miller led 32-players kneel down
…Carolina-DE-Julius Peppers refused to come out of lockeroom
…Miami owner Steven Ross-stood locked in arms with players
…Lions owner Martha Ford stood with Detroit players
…Chargers owner Dean Spanos-GM-Tom Telesco-locked arms with players-Melvin Ingram kneeled-5 players sat down…
…Saints-RB-Adrian Peterson sat
…Patriots fans booed 20-players who knelt during anthem.

As I sat and watched the demonstrations around the NFL, as I read the key quotes from players in the 32-different NFL cities, I got sick to my stomach. Our so-called leader calling out NFL players, the same players, led by Houston Texans star JJ Watt, who raised 31M in flood relief for lives destroyed in Houston.

Donald Trump is entitled to his opinion, just like Colin Kaeperneck, who started all this a year ago, is.

The difference is Trump is supposed to represent a nation, and solve problems, not continually create problems.

He is a reality show TV cartoon character, who has accomplished nothing, but divide people, his party and the country. He was voted in by ‘Angry America’ and has done nothing to solve their problems, nor anyone else’s.

But credit him with this. He has unified virtually everyone in the NFL. They all think he is wrong with what he just did.

I’ll lift his favorite quote from the reality TV world he seems to live in, and borrow it now.

I’d bet a lot of people, a majority of people, would like to invoke his favorite phrase against him….”You’re fired.”

The next words I’d like to hear are ‘impeachment’.



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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday. “Congrats to President Donald Trump””

  1. Art Uvaas says:

    I used to feel sorry for you when you left The Mighty 1090. Now, I realize you’re not the “Hacksaw,” you’re just a hack. Trump is an inarticulate version of Harry Truman. But, he’s right.

    The flag and what it symbolizes needs to be respected.
    Call a football player, the next time you need a police
    officer. Call a football player the next time you need a soldier to fight in a hellish war.

    Remember when the firefighters found that tattered flag at Ground Zero…Enjoy your social security checks and your un-proofread web site. BTW: a lot is two words…

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Trump writes 15-tweets in 3-days..would rather spend time mocking NFL players…should be on a plane to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islsnds

      A lot of people think he is so wrong for wasting time.

      He created a furor that did not need to be created.

      I respect the flag…My entire family is in the military….father and 9-uncles fought in WWII…3-died…I have their Purple Hearts and DFC ribbons.


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