1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Dynasty-Mailing Address-New England”

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“The State of New England-The Place to Be”


Yes you can officially transfer the word “Dynasty” from where ever it was located to the 617-area code, in Boston, home of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

Once upon a time they used the word to describe Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers.

Al Davis wanted it, and stole it, to put next to the 3-trophies his Oakland Raiders won back in the day.

Pittsburgh, with its Steel Curtain defense and Terry Bradshaw, had a great run with Chuck Noll and the Steelers.

And of course America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys, owned it from the Tom Landry to Jerry Jones era.

Now it goes to the Patriot Nation, the State of New England.

They are cheering and probably still drinking and celebrating at Plymouth Rock, to Portland, Maine…..from Providence to Durham, New Hampshire…and Rutland, Vermont down to Danbury, Connecticut.

New England Patriots football is something special.

From the highly accomplished businessman-philanthropist that is Robert Kraft. To the brilliance of the often crusty-frost coach Bill Belicheck. To Tom Terrific Brady and all the things that former 6th round draft pick has accomplished.

They’ve rebuilt the team 3-times in a 15-year span around Brady. Draft picks, athletes, free agents, and refugees from other teams. They’ve put them all around Tom Brady, and all he has done is drive them back to the Super Bowls.

Sunday night was no exception.

The Pats were caught off guard by the enormous Falcons team speed on defense. They couldn’t block the pass rush. The Atlanta cover corners were everywhere. And Brady got rocked.

They were down (28-3) when Brady took control. They went no huddle, they put 5-straight scoring drives together. The Falcons defense died on the field.

Belicheck changed his own defense, going to press coverage. They mugged the Falcons receivers, disrupted their rythm, and they did something they hardly ever do, blitz, and they banged around Matt Ryan.

They chopped away at the lead. It wound up (28-28) headed to overtime, and the Patriots needed just one possession to win the game.

The numbers inside the game were something.

From the mid-third quarter on, the Pats had a (338-to-74) advantage in yardage. Ryan and the Falcons had just 2-first downs on four possessions.

Brady wound up throwing for (466). He survived 5-sacks and 16-hits.

When it was over, it was the Falcons laying face down in the gutter, their lead gone, their Super Bowl trophy hopes dashed.

And in typical New England fashion, somebody different helped get them the win. Two weeks ago it was utility wide receiver Chris Hogan who went wild.

Last night, 3rd string running back James White scored twice on the ground, and caught 14-passes for 110-yards.

Consummate team win. Enormous come from behind victory.

Safe to say New England is the NFL’s modern dynasty. And nobody may ever top what Kraft-Belicheck and Brady has just accomplished.

You may not like them, their attitude, their way of business. But you need to respect them.

Dynasty. Super Bowl Champs. The State of New England.


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