1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Lakers Basketball–Civil War-Palace Uprising”

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“Lakers Basketball-Civil War-Palace Coup”


Lakers basketball, making news not just on the court…but now in the courts.

Call it a revolt, a coup, an insurrection.

Call it a family feud.

Call it a showdown.

Jeannie Buss, who fired her brother Jim Buss just 2-weeks ago, in the midst of a 4th straight losing-non playoff season, beat him 1-on-1, not on the court, but in the court.

As the dismissed VP of basketball operations, Jim tried to call a special Board of Directors meeting of owners, to seek Jeannie’s removal as COO of the franchise. He got taken to the hoop, slam dunked, had it rejected back in his face.
He got blown out.

She went to court seeking an injuntion, forcing him to cancel all plans for some type of family hostitle takeover.

Buss, the playboy, who has failed miserably, wanted to convince 5-other family members Jeannie had no right to remove him, and take total control of the business.

Jeannie Buss has been a business success across the hallway, despite the failures of her brother to put a winning product on the floor.

Sellouts, team sponsorships, formation of the TWC-Lakers network, all point to her positive leadership.

Jim Buss, the former exec, is headed for another last place finish, some terribly questionable free agent signings, and the inability to lure any marquee free agents to LA,in the post-Kobe Bryant era.

More than a power struggle, this is a critical time for the Lakers to get and find stability. Under Jim Buss’ leadership, they were in danger of becoming the LA Clippers of old, the Donald Sterling version.

In the end, Jim Buss obviously didn’t pay attention to the fine print…the fine print in the family trust, that he, and all six Buss children signed, while the patriarch of the franchise, Jerry Buss was still alive.

The family trust that said Jeannie would have total leadership control of the organization.

The insurrection is over for now. She runs the franchise. No one knows if the franchise can turn the corner with her hand appointed new leader, Magic Johnson, calling all the shots.

What we do know, is Jim Buss is a failure, as a basketball exec, and now as a family member.

Got beat in court…got beat going 1-on-1 by a girl…another embarrassing check mark to put on his failed resume.


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