1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “March Madness-Can You Top This-I Doubt It”

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“Can You Top This–Doubt It”


It’s been as wild a two weeks as you’d ever want to see in March Madness.

Not the upsets, for this year, there were very few, but rather the ferocious finishes, last second shots, and amazing comebacks.

Despite the one and done rule, college basketball has never been more competitive. Maybe it is because everyone has skill, everyone has explosive athletes, and everyone in the same boat, in a constant mode of rebuild.

So we have the the duel in desert at the end of next week.with one team of royalty, a lots of newcomers, who have never been there before.

North Carolina is making its 20th appearance, with Roy Williams bringing a truckload of young talent into Phoenix.

Mark Few has done so many special things at tiny Gonzaga, now he has a deep enough team of athletes, grinders, blue chip recruits and transfers, to say we really belong.

Oregon is playing red hot right now, lots of firepower, resolute toughness on the boards, and relentless athleticism. Dana Altman, a fine coach, may have his finest roster of all time after all those years other places.

South Carolina is going for the first time, dragged in to the finals by a fiercely passionate coach Frank Martin,with a bunch of no-name playes the nation does not know much about.

Duke is gone. Arizona didn’t get there. UCLA ran out of youthful exuberance. This time around, no VCU, or Princeton, or Florida Gulf Coast.

Just really good team, really explosive players, and some pretty good coaches.

Don’t know if next Saturday or Monday can top what we just came thru, but I wouldn’t miss it.


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