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“Masters-Toast to Tiger”


That accomplishment, at that place, at this time, amazing.

There may not be enough words to describe what we saw on Sunday at Augusta, in the 83rd year of the Masters Golf Tourney.

Tiger Woods, coming back from the trauma of debilitating back surgeries, and the destruction his personal life, marriage,and painkillers, and the loss of virtually all his credibility, put on a show for the ages.

A comeback of the greatest magnitude in golf, and a similar comeback in life.

Woods called it overwhelming, unreal, and was at a loss for words.

You only had to watch the final group of holes. You only had to hear the chants ‘Tiger-Tiger’ from a gallery that was 20-rows deep on the 18th hole. You only had to see the line of golfers waiting on the walkway coming off the final green, to salute the champion. It was a show of respect and affection for golf’s greatest modern day star, to do what he did.

For a man with the stone cold stare and glare, and the fierceness to his game, even he was stunned at the accomplishment. At 18, after the final shot, the outpouring of his own emotion was an exhibit we have not seen for years.

Him hugging his children, his mother. Him referencing his father, who was there in 1997 the first time he won.

The fist pump, the huge smile, the rush of energy. The fire engine red-shirt he wore. It just seemed to right.

Woods won his first major since 2008, the one he got at Torrey Pines. It was his 15th Grand Slam event, pulling closer to the legendary Jack Nicklaus. It was 14-years between Masters’ Green Jackets for him.

It might be even more impressive than the 12-stroke win he had at Augusta in 1997.

It may top the greatest day Nicklaus had, coming from 4-strokes back to win win in 1986, his last tour victory every. .

Woods did this, the come-from-behind win on Sunday, just days after saying he did not know if he could ever be the same player again, because his practices were limited by back soreness, and his putter rankings were the worst ever in his career. He admitted, if you cannot practice, you might not be able to play.

But for this weekend, all was right with him. His approach, to shots, his approach mentally.

His career comes full circle. His father there for the 1st ever win at Augusta. His mother and children there a the finish on Sunday..

It was as inspirational an accomplishment as the Augusta course has ever seen. And why not there, at the shrine of Pro Golf.

Woods fall from grace as a person, will probably never be repaired.
Woods re-emergence as golf’s great star has now been documented.

A historical day with the Green Jacket as the prize, again, and the restoration of his golf integrity solidified..


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