1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday. “Monday Morning Quarterbacking”

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“Monday Morning Quarterbacking”


What a great Sunday it was. Sunny and cool in San Diego, and Dean Spanos’ LA Chargers lost again, to go (0-4).

Shellshocked is the only way to describe Coach Anthony Lynn, whose team has yet to play anywhere near four quarters of quality football in any game. And this is a group that has been together since the minicamps, OTAs and training camp that started back in May hasn’t it?

He looks ‘in over his head’ as a head coach. You can glare and stare, talk tough and all that, but if you cannot put a good game plan together, if you cannot teach, you cannot win, even with Philip Rivers at quarterback.

If you subtract the 3-big plays Rivers had, the 30-49-and 75 yard pass plays, there was no offense the rest of the day.

There is no. run game because Melvin Gordon is playing on an ailing knee. The run blocking has been horrible all year long.

The defense cannot stop the run. The linebackers cannot cover receivers. And the secondary has been shaky.

A myriad of questions worth asking.

Matt Slauson has not played well at guard. Might he be better going back to center with Spencer Tulley flipping to guard?

This is not Ken Whisenhunt’s first rodeo. How come there have been no passes targeted to Antonio Gates nor Hunter Henry early in three of the four games?

If Melvin Gordon has no burst because of this bone bruise in his knee, would it not be better to sit him a week to get him healthy?

Where is the blitz package to compliment Joey Boss and Melvin Ingram, who cannot do all this by themselves?

Is Gus Bradley the new defensive coordinator trying to pound square pegs (3-4) players, into round holes (4-3) defense?

Is there a solution to 42-missed tackles in 4-games so far?

There’s no flow to the offense, so why not some no-huddle series early in the game?

I counted 7-tarps on different sections of the upper deck at Stub Hub Center on Sunday and weren’t these games sellouts?

Could you believe the color green everywhere in the stands?

And then there was the FAA issue-refusing to grant Dean Spanos a “TFR”…temporary flight restriction to prevent planes, towing those critical banners from flying over Stub Hub Center. Dean can’t take it can he?

And how brazen is the owner for saying people and media in San Diego have not been loyal…asking who moved from San Diego, us or them?

Is the NFL about to announce the Chargers will become the first franchise in history to play 16-road games this year, since they seem to have no home field advantage with visitors taking over the stadium?

Was that an all time worst Fox TV-network broadcast with Dick Stockton and Mark Schlereth-they referred to the San Diego Chargers 8-times during the broadcast and were never corrected by producers in their headsets?

And if you are keeping score at home, the Chargers are (0-4) with Anthony Lynn as head coach….actually (1-7) including preseason….Team Spanos has now lost 9-in a row….and the Chargers have now lost 29-of-39-games going back to the tail end of 2014.

How’s that Fight for LA going?


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