1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Names in the News-Scattering Shots Everywhere”

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“Names in News-Scattering Shots Everywhere”


BRIAN DUTCHER….Disappointing San Diego State basketball season..Have to go back lots of years to remember when SDSU was (5-8) in conference….Defensive personna gone away….Coach not pushing right buttons….Team not listening….Malik Pope underachiever….Cameron Rooks-big guy-big stiff….Trey Kell-tough year with injuries….Good teams are those that improve as the season goes on….Good Coaches get their teams to improve….The Aztecs win over Gonzaga early season was a highlite but that was a long time ago on the schedule…what have you seen since? Trouble on Montezuma Mesa with hoops program?

LARRY EUSTACHY…Can’t change the spots on a Dalmatian can you?…About to be fired for continued abuse of players and staff, this after nearly getting fired in 2014 because of similar anger management issues…Violated ‘Zero Tolerance’ clause in contract at Colorado State…Read the fine print.

BOB DAVIE…Bad story at New Mexico…exit interviews with 35-Lobo players about football coach racial insensitivity…confrontations with players…possible interference in probe of sexual assault…all this from a guy who turned program around and use to coach at Notre Dame.

ISAIAH THOMAS….Some fall from grace…from all star with Celtics…to injured hip issues…to trade to Cavaliers…to benching and beefing about rolls…to trade to Lakers…to mouthing off he’s nota come off bench guy..to lack of defense…to impending free agency-already told he won’t be reupped.

MAGIC JOHNSON…Some smile-some mouth…Another 50,000-fine for talking about players on other teams headed to free agency…to bad joke about Lu’el Deng-his own in house player-who is riding bench with weighted down contract they cannot move nor buyout-yet Johnson smears the player who has been a good soldier and never complained about role in LA rebuild.

YU DARVISH…No free agent freeze for him-signs (6Y-126M) deal with the Cubs…that’s (21M) per year…Dodgers wanted him but would have to dump 4-other contracts to make the deal fit beneath the luxury tax.

WALLY MOON…Remember him-ex Cardinals and Dodgers OF…he’s the one who patented home runs to left field over the 257′ fence at the LA Coliseum in the early years of Dodgers baseball…You do remember “Moon Shots?”

LARRY NASSAR…Imprisoned USA Gymnastics doctor-turned-pervert transferred to High Security prison in Tucson, Arizona to begin 165-years sentence….Wonder if jail mates will take advantage of him as he took advantage of all those innocent girls he molested for decades.

CARLOS CORDEIRO…Named new President of US Soccer Federation in vote runoff beating Eric Wynalda and others…Big challenge ahead..hire new coach for USA World Cup program..take part in US World Cup bid as host country…settle 5-lawsuits against USSF…solve ‘equal pay’ and ‘pay to play’ issues for women and youth soccer.

ALEX BOWMAN…Who?…Guy replacing Dale Earnhardt Junior as the driver in the #88-car…all he did first day was take pole for next weekend’s Daytona 500 at sizzling (195.6mph)

DANICA PATRICK…Gets sponsorship and will run in Daytona 500-final NASCAR event of her career…Never won a race in 130-career starts.

SERENA WILLIAMS…Will return to Tennis Tour in Indian Wells event, after scary childbirth Caeserian episode having baby daughter…Hard to believe great star is now (36)

PHIL MICKELSON…Old lefty is stil all right….Strong weekend at Torrey Pines…even stronger at Pebble Beach with 2nd place finish…Still has bullets left in gun…Still as popular as ever despite no wins since 2014.

TIGER WOODS…PGA heads to Riviera and Tiger will be there after solid four days of golf at Torrey Pines…will his game take a jump?


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