1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “NBA-Cleveland Cavs-LeBron-No Regrets”

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“NBA-Cavaliers-No Regrets”


There is disappointment no doubt, over how the Golden State Warriors tore apart the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals.

It was a series that was not very close, but it was a great team, Golden State-vs-a great player, from Cleveland.

LeBron James, with very little talent support around him, had no chance to carry Cleveland to victory against a firepower franchise that has to be viewed as a modern dynasty, with 3-titles in in 4-years.

NBA free agency is looming shortly, and so is another ‘decision’ , the decision, from James. Opt out of his 36M contract, leave Cleveland again, test free agency, try to put together another dream team with close friend Chris Paul, or stay and see if his Cavaliers can add on?.

Mention LeBron James, and what flashes to mind are the super human efforts of dragging the Cavaliers, willing the Cavaliers thru the playoff series, to get to the finals.

But of course, mention LeBron James, and you always have the flashbacks to his defection the first time around from Cleveland. You know, the ugly press conference, “taking my talents to South Beach”.

But sandwiched around his flight for big money to join the Miam Heat, have been two marvelous tenures with the team he grew up rooting form, form his hometown of Akron, Ohio, the Cavs.

The Miracle in Richfield Cavs, the Bill Fitch-Cavs, the Coliseum and Gund Arena Cavaliers. And now the King Jams era. All part of Cavs heritage, much like Nick Melti, Ted Stephen,Bill Musselman and Joe Tait.

Of course there has been turmoil along the way. The ouster of respected GM-David Griffin. The firing of coach David Blatt. The controversial trade of Kyrie Irving, breaking up something that was special.

He has now been part of 8-straight NBA teams that have gone to the finals. Only Bill Russell, not even Michael Jordan, ever accomplished that.

King James and his court, or whatever that was on the floor with him, have had a marvelous run.

A 1-man gang, he finishes this championship series averaging 34-points and 8-rebounds a game.

In the playoffs, he topped 40-points, 8-different times, against defenses that loaded up on him, knew what was coming, but could not still stop him. He had 4-triple doubles, in the playoffs, where they match best-vs-best. He had 2-buzzer beater baskets too.

Where does he go from here? There are two scenarios right now. He ops out of Cleveland and goes somewhere to join a frat team. Or he links up with Chris Paul, who can also opt out, and they join forces somewhere.

A max contract could take him to the Rockets to join James Hardin and Paul.

The Lakers have stockpiled all this young talent, and he could be the difference maker for 3-or-4 years, that might take LA to the top.

It’s hard to imagine Golden State adding this talent to that array of talent, in the salary cap era, but anything is possible.

There’s a young group on the Miami Heat roster but is there enough talent that he could lead the Heat back. The Chris Bosh-Dwayne Wade era is over.

The wildcard could be the specialness that the San Antonio Spurs have become with Greg Popovic. King James, Kawhai Leonard and a unique combo of young players.

In Cleveland, hot summer weather is descending on the city. Enough for fans to complain. The NFL Browns have been horrible. The Indians are struggling at .500 and don’t draw.

There should be no complaints from any Cavaliers fan going forward. LeBron gave them great years earlier, got them a ring when he returned. He has done spectacular things thru his foundations in both Cleveland and Akron.

Cavs fans should be ready to say ‘thanks for the memories’. If he had never arrived, or never come back, the Cavs could have been the Sacramento Kings for all of these years. And that would have been something to complain about.

King James. No regrets on either side.


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