1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “NBA Game-Waiting Game Begins”

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“Waiting Game-NBA Game”


We have gotten thru the NBA draft, and all these 19-year olds have now been picked, are headed to press conferences, and summer league play and rich contracts.

Now on to the most important time of the off season, here comes free agency.

In Cleveland, they know what’s coming LeBron James to opt out of his 36M contract, to go back on the free agent market, and begin his tour of teams ‘he might want to take his talents too’.

In Oklahoma City, no one really has a grasp of what Paul George is going to do. The Thunder might try to sign him to a 1-year 30M-max contract and hope they can continue the rebuild of the team.

In Houston, Chris Paul is likely to opt-out despite the spectacular Rockets season last year, because ownership will not give him a ‘max contract of 219M.

In San Antonio, the stare down continues between Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs, GM-RC Buford, Coach Greg Popovich, and the the people whispering in Leonard’s ear. San Antonio says he’s not going to be traded in the Western Conference, so his landing spot is still being determined, unless he changes his mind and decides to stay in the Alamodome City. .

In LA, DeAndre Jordan can leave the Clippers, if he opts out of his deal, and become a big money free agent on somebody else’s frontline, rather than endure what will be a total rebuild in Clipper country.

In LA, the once proud Lakers are drawing criticism for statements made by GM-Rob Pelinka, that everyone in the NBA has envy for the Lakers, because of the 16-championship banners flying high above at Staples Center. Not sure what world Pelinka is living in, considering the once proud-now-ragged Purple and Gold, haven’t been to the playoffs in 5-years.

Lakers heritage recently includes LaVar Ball, the kid Lonzo, Tim Mozgov’s contract, and the Luol Deng disgrace, not to mention the leadership of fired son-owner Jim Buss, and the dismissal of longtime GM-Mitch Kupchack..

Last I checked, this was a front office that screwed up on trades for Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and more. Let Pau Gasol exit as a free agent. Insulted LaMarcus Aldridge in his free agent visit. Couldn’t lure Carmelo Anthony to LA. Struck out on a Paul George trade. Could get Kevin Durant to visit as a freee agent. And were just rebuffed in trade talks with the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard.

Magic Johnson played great games. He only talks great games now, but has not been able to be a great front office executive. Pelinka’s claim to fame is repping Kobe Bryant. I don’t think he can hang his hat on the drafting of Lonzo Ball as a difference maker.

With apologies to DeAndre Ayton, Marvin Bagley and Luka Doncic, the real NBA off season is about to begin this week.

The waiting game is almost over for the real players, who decide NBA games.


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