1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “NFL Notes-Week 3-What I Saw-What I Think”

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“NFL-Here-There-Everywhere-Weekend #3”


Weekend 3-is complete in the NFL preseason. Here’s what I see-what I think.

CHARGERS…Philip Rivers and his offense won’t play again till the season opener against the Chiefs…they haven’t played hardly at all in preseason. I’d question whether they have solved all their issues on offense. No tight ends to throw to?. Limited cameo appearances by WR-Mike Williams?. Can they stop the run upfront? Will their cornerbacks be healthy and holdup? And who’s the field goal kicker?

RAIDERS…No Khalil Mack in camp yet as this contract extension hassle continues. Oakland has loaded up with veteran free agents on defense, Dominick Rogers-Cromartie the latest, so they will be much more competitive. Kolton Miller has really played well at left tackle. Jon Gruden has given limited exposure to his playmakers, Derek Carr, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Martin and Amari Cooper, so opening day will be fun to watch.

CHIEFS…Patrick Mahomes threw for 198-yards this weekend, his best outing of the summer in what promises to be an explosive KC offense. There are so many new moving parts on defense, only opening day will show how good they might or might not be.

BRONCOS…Case Keenum is getting better week by week and the offensive line looks to be getting healthy, so the defense get more help immediately. Shall be interesting to see which running back becomes the lead guy.

BUFFALO…A real disaster for rookie QB-Josh Allen in his debut start. 5-sacks, turnovers,(6-12) passing and then he got hurt. AJ Mccarran, it’s your job, behind a bad offensive line, which has gotten both QBs hurt in preseason.

RAVENS…They had this extra preseason game, so that means more snaps and critique time for Robert Griffin and Lamar Jackson in the battle for QB spots on the roster. This weekend, their best outing of preseason (243APY), though I don’t know Jon Harbaugh wants those guys running as much as they did.

JETS…They haven’t named Sam Darnold the starting QB yet, but they should. Teddy Bridgewater is still there amidst trade rumors. Veteran Josh McCown has hardly played.

RAMS….Protect the stars, don’t get anybody hurt, so none of the LA starters have been in an August game, and won’t be next weekend. Wonder if the NFL thinks that’s fair to the fans paying top dollar ticket prices in August.

BROWNS….Baker Mayfield has come back down to earth after that snazzy debut, and Tyrod Taylor is a veteran and trustworthy. But the Cleveland OL seems leaky, so Mayfield may be in the lineup sooner than anyone wants if Taylor continues to take hits.

WASHINGTON…Adrian Peterson had two big games last year before he got hurt, and had a pretty good outing with the Redskins in his debut over the weekend. He says he still has gas left in the tank. We will find out shortly.

CAROLINA….Cam Newton is throwing better, running less, and seems to be buying into all the things Norv Turner wants done in terms of decision making.with the offense.

49ers…Tough guy running back Alfred Morris ran for (84) in his first game, and should add power to the San Francisco offense. Odd Jimmy Garoppolo had a bad (9-19) game over the weekend.

DALLAS…That was pretty awful for Cowboys fans watching this home game. The Cowboys, not playing their starters, turned it over 5-times early, trailed 24-0, have offensive line problems with injuries, and are (0-3) a week before the season starts. Jason Garrett-what say you?

EAGLES…I don’t like this tidbit. Doctors have not cleared QB-Carson Wentz for contact work yet, and we are 2-weeks out from opening day for the Super Bowl champion. That’s not a lot of quality practice time to get Wentz ready, especially if he does not play in an exhibition game


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