1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Padres Hall of Famer-Evaluates the Kid Pitchers”

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“Padres-Hall of Famer-Evaluates Kid Pitchers”


Everyone has an opinion about the Padres decision to put the youngest starting rotation in all of baseball, on the field at the same time this 2019 season. An average age of (23.4) in that rotation.

What better evaluator of the guys on the hill than the guy who was the Padres first superstar pitcher, Randy Jones. Retired number, Hall of Fame, Cy Young Award winner.

Back in the day, when the Padres weren’t very good, he was. He put together two magical seasons at then San Diego’s Jack Murphy Stadium.

In 1975…he went (20-12) with a remarkable (2.24-ERA). He followed that with a (22-14) record in 1976 with a (2.74-ERA). He threw an even (600-innings) over those two seasons, including a mystical (315) frames in the ’76-campaign.

In those two summers, he made 76-starts, threw 43-complete games. He spent 8-years in San Diego and then finished up with 2-seasons with the Mets. He won 100-games in the National League, and authored 76-complete games in his carrer.

What better a guy to evaluate the young arms wearing Padres colors.


..Committed to perfection-every start-every bullpen
..Duplicates his delivery-armslot with ease
..No false bravado about him
..Learns from his mistakes
..Learns adjust 2nd-3rd time thru lineup
..So impressed with drive to get better
..Worry about fatigue
..Never thrown more than 90-innings in a season-on track 130.
..Would like to limit him to 75-pitches an outing-protect him
..Better now that ever thought this young in career
..Locates all four zones
..Real deal

..Love his competitiveness
..Knows he makes too many mistakes up in the zone
..Mentally tough
..Has real tools
..Needs to be aggressive all the time-not passive
..Communicates a lot with other young pitchers-shares info

..Can get burned throwing too much in middle
..Can move ball around a lot in zone
..Must learn mental part of game to attack black zone
..Repeats mechanics well despite strange delivery
..Want him to work up in the zone to establish low in zone
..Must learn that hitters learn you as outings build
..Needs to get mechanic in sync start to start
..Learned a lot in late season starts last year

..College kid with really good makeup
..Understands hitters weaknesses
..Gets fastball up to get them to chase
..Knows he can get hurt by being up in zone too much

..Love him as a starter
..Impressed with his mindset to be a warrior
..Has mental makeup to be a starter
..Experience as starter in Kansas City has helped
..Wants to go deep in ballgames
..Pitch command really good

..Best stuff on staff
..Has never put it together since good first year
..Maybe a better 8th inning reliever than starter
..Career at crossroads…should be better than AAA pitcher

..On track to return in August
..Lively stuff
..Take command personality on mound
..Stage not too big for him
..Impressed with what did before got hurt


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