1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Super Bowl-New England against Everybody-Everybody Won”

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“Super Game-Super Bowl Sunday”


The Eagle has landed….to pick up the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Philadelphia won the Super Bowl, making two big plays on the New England Patriots final 2-possessions, positing the (41-33) come from behind win.

And what would you expect from the two best teams in the NFL, this going down to the final play of the final game of the season, in the wildest game ever played in all the Super Bowls.

The Eagles, with its aggressive play-calling coach Doug Pederson. Philadelphia led by a spectacular series of games by backup quarterback Nick Foles. And the guys wearing green, it’s defense making two huge plays at the end, after being pushed to the point of exhaustion by the brilliance of Tom Brady.

Pick any big play and it could have changed everything.

Derrick Grahame’s strip sack of Brady late in the 4th quarter that led to the game winning field goal.

The Eagles secondary, collapsing to deny Brady’s Hail Mary pass to Rob Gronkowski on the final play of the game.

The outcome of the game very much in doubt with the two teams combining for an all time record (1,151) yards of offense.

The Eagles attacked early on the edge and built a big lead. They hit New England with a ton of big plays, and scored on all 4-possesions in the second half, blunting that comeback.

The Patriots kept making its own big plays, 13-plays of plus 20-yards or more, and stormed back scoring on 5-straight possessions against one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Both coaches pulled out all stops. Who would have thought a Bill Belicheck team would try a wildcat-reverse option pass to Tom Brady, only to have it fall off his hands.

And Pederson countered with his own gadget play , a wildcat formation TD pass to Foles for a score.

Even instant replay couldn’t screw this game up, allowing Zach Ertz catch-run-dive for a TD reception to stand for a huge TD. The receiver became a runner, took his 3-steps to the end zone, cracked the goal line before the ball was bobbled.

Of course there were mistakes, the Patriots missing a field goal, missing a PAT, and failing on a 4th down. The Eagles missed 3-PATs in the game.

When they were done, the Patriots had (613Y) to (538) for the Eagles. Brady threw for (505) and 3-scoxres. Folks went for (374) and 3-TDs almost matching him on the stat sheet..

It was edge of your seat offense, with the two teams hitting plays that covered 30-43-47-50 when the Pats had the ball. The Eagles countered with big plays of 34-36-55.

Just when it appeared the Eagles were about to succumb to another Brady comeback, win Foles led his offense on a critical 7-minute drive for a score…that gave their defense a good 15-minute blow on the sideline. That gave Derrick Grahame and that side of the ball a chance to rally back on the final Pats drives for the strip-sack fumble, and the final play of the game too.

All week long it seemed it would be New England against everyone else.

And nationwide now, everyone is saluting the Eagles, not because everyone was tired of Brady and the dour Belicheck, but because Philadelphia earned this one., from start to the finish.

A spectacular season ending game. A Super Game on a Super Bowl Sunday. Paint it green. Paint it Eagles victory.



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