1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Super Star Comments from Super Stars in Hall of Fame”

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“Superstar Comments from Hall of Famers”


They laughed, they joked, they teared up at the podium. They told stories, they remembered, they looked forward also. They spoke about football, racism, opportunity and culture.

It was a unique cross section of thoughts in the acceptance speeches at the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Some of their best quotes

LaDainian Tomlinson
..Did Deeper..Run Harder
..I have gratitude for God and my family
..We have a responsiblity beyond football to everyone
..Honor him and God will take you places
..Time to be part of the solution-be part of the change
..Relationship with the Spanos family-most important of my life
..Marty Schottenheimer-best coach I ever had
..I represent the next generation of Tomlinson’s
..Father-stepfather-gave me heart and love

..If this was my final speech on earth..170-years ago my great-great-great grandfather came here on a slave ship…his owner Tomlinson-the slave holder-gave him this last name…he grew up on Tomlinson hill a slave plantation…I come from a mixed family…God chose me to bring two races together…I am an American story..US should become Team America…We should dedicated ourselves to be Team America
Yes we can.

Jerry Jones
..Winning is the name of the game
..Canton is the birthplace of football
..I was on the 13th unit at Arkansas
..Frank Broyles-my coach-most important part game-4th quarter
..We are in the 4th quarter of life
..My philosophy-grit your teeth-buckle your chinstrap
..Life is about battles and wills
..Keep on keeping on.
..Tom Landry is the Dallas Cowboys
..Jimmy Johnson-great team leader
..Football changes lives
..NFL is about urgency

Kenny Easely
..Grateful be among your ranks-religion and football
..Black Lives Matter-So do all lives
..Stop carnage among black men

Jason Taylor
..Jimmy Johnson-guide-pioneer-believer-dream maker
..Agent-Gary Wichard-father I never had
..No bigger blessing than to be a father

Morten Anderson
..Appreciation and love for Denver and for the US
..Life is about opportunities
..Have perserverance in everything you do

Terrell Davis
..Overwhelming feeling of gratitude about my life
..Setbacks test your will and character
..Everything in life has a price-are you wiling to pay it

Kurt Warner
..My wife has travelled the road of highs-lows-roadblocks
..Moments matter in life-make the most of them
..NFL scouts don’t come to Aisle 7-looking for QBs in supermarket
..Al Luginbill-Dick Vermeil-Mike Martz-found me-believed in me
..I share this Gold Jackets with all my teammates


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