1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “This And That in Football”

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“This And That in Football”



It’s not over till it’s over…that pretty describes Justin Herbert and the CHARGERS, in the electric come from behind win on Sunday against the Browns.  Coming from 14-back, sitting there watching 7-lead changes, going for it on 4th down, dazzling under pressure, with a good a group of offensive weapons around him.  The Chargers have proven themselves, going (4-1)  against the really tough part of the schedule.  There were still a ton of Browns fans (65%) at So Fi Stadium.  Interesting to see if LA gets turned on by this team.


They’ve got problems in lots of place in Las Vegas.  Not just talking about the Jon Gruen racial slur Email of 9-years ago.  The RAIDERS have lost two in a row, got jumped by the Bolts, then played really poorly against the Bears.  Something is not right with this team.  The overhaul of the offensive line, not enough play makers on defense, the nagging injuries to the run game,  And now the mess with Gruden.


Speaking of going in the wrong direction, this does not look like vintage CHIEFS football, getting bullied at home by the Bills.  Patrick Mahomes turning the ball over.  An inconsistent run game.  A struggling offensive line with all those new parts, and a not so good defense either.  Yes there are lots of games to be played but how do you fix a team that is a shell of what they were in those Super Bowl runs?


It was a good start for DENVER but now it has gone sour.  Teddy Bridgewater cannot do it himself.  The run game looks weak, the offensive line play is spotty and the defense does not appear to be as good as it could with nagging injuries.


It’s been since 1974 that the CARDINALS have been at this point (5-0).  That’s when Jim Hart was the star QB for them in St-Louis.  Kyler Murray is dynamic, they have lots of weapons around him and that defense is deep.


Pay attention, the COWBOYS are healthy and loaded with the best offensive line in football, a red hot Dak Prescott, an explosive Zeke Elliott.  They look pretty complete.


It was just like waiting in line for the 49’ers to Jim Garoppolo with another injury, the third year in a row he has been hurt.  This calf issue is at least 4-weeks long and now they have to play Trey Lance their first round pick.  He has style but he is really raw.


It cannot get much worse with the JAGUARS, all the losing, the pounding lst round pick Trove Lawrence is taking weekly, and the mess with Urban Meyer’s off the field issues.  The losing steak is now at 20-in row, marching towards the all time record of 26-losses by the 1945-Chicago Cardinals.


Looks like another long winter for the LIONS.  Jared Goff cannot do this alone either, and they have so many injuries to what few quality players they had in Detroit.  Dan Campbell is going thru quite an initiation in his first head coaching job.


Hard to believe the HOUSTON-Deshau Watson saga goes on and on, with no decision coming from the NFL.  Where is the Union in all this.  Paying him, not playing him, seems an absurdly to represent a player who has problems.


Things just go worse in SEATTLE where Pete Carroll has injury problems with his running backs, a shabby defense and now loses QB-Russell Wilson with surgery for two different finger injuries.  Not the same franchise any more.


What a bad day at the office for the NY GIANTS, losing their entire offense on Sunday, QB-Daniel Jones (concussion)..RB-Saquon Barkley (ankle) and WR-Ken Golladay (one) in their blowout loss.






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