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Sports-Some Good-Some Bad-Something for Everyone”


VIVA MEXICO….What a start to the World Cup for El Tri-the Mexican side, with the shocking 1-0 win over Germany. It was not so much the surprise goal of young striker Chucky Lozano, but the brilliant play of veteran Ochoa in goal. A leaping deflection of a shot to the upper corner just minutes after Mexico had taken the lead. Diving across the goal-mouth saves, and saves on point blank shots The stunned German team fired 25-shots, but few were on goal. Mexican fans everywhere went wild for a team that has never gotten out of the 2nd round of the World Cup. How big was the win? Star Javier Hernandez, ‘Chicharito’ fell to the ground af the end wept uncontrollably. That’s how important this win was. This might be the Cup to get to the 2nd round and win a knockout round game.

RENALDO-WINS-LOSES….The Portugal star had a wild weekend. He scored a huge goal, his third of the game, on a blistering top shelf free kick in the 88th minute to earn his side with a tie with bitter rival Spain. The net day are the disclosure he will pay 21M in back tax money, after plea bargaining guilty to tax evasion. No jail time for him.

MESSI A MESS…A disappointing start for the the Argentine star, as his side wound up in a 1-1 tie with Iceland, that’s right Iceland. Messi missed a penalty kick that would have provided the victory.

BRAZIL BOMBS….Who could imagine this happening, Brazil struggling too in its opening game, and legendary Neymar not getting a goal, nor a shot on goal. He was fouled 10-times in the game in his opening Cup game.

USA-MIA…Wondered what it felt like in the heart for Michael Bradley, and American soccer star luminaries, Landon Donovan-Clint Dempsey-Tim Howard. They gave so much of themselves to lead US soccer to places it only wish it could be, a global soccer power. Now as transition occurs, young replace old, Team USA fails to quality. Must have been weird for those past stars to not see their team play this weekend.

LEFTY-WAS NOT RIGHT….He may be popular, but Phil Mickelson’s actions at the US Open, violating rules, by striking a putt a second time as it rolled by a hole. He wound up with a two stroke penalty, shot a 10 on the hole, and saw his weekend fall apart. So too, his reputation. National golf writes believe he should have been disqualified, or should have withdrawn. Instead he mocked jokes, and then went out and played on Sunday and blew off the media, not wishing to talk about what he had done. People are starting to question, who he is, why he acts the way he does. This, coming on the heels of his avoidance of jail time over the insider trading scandal, in which a friend of his got 40-years in prison.

USGA-US GOD AWFUL….It was an awful weekend in what should have been the best weekend in golf, at the US Open. They made Shinnecock impossible to play. Not one golf finished under par. It wasn’t just 33-mile an hour winds, it was slick greens, impossible pin placements, pot hold bunkers everywhere. There was rage everywhere from the guys who fell apart, and they all did. Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Ricky Fowler, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, all had scores of 77-to-81 somewhere along the weekend on the links. And finally the USGA admitted they were wrong for how they structured the course. It’s supposed to be a golf course, not an obstacle course

PADRES PATIENCE….The first third of the season was lousy, since then a much more competitive team. Still in last place, but they can stay in games, and win some when Tyson Ross-Clathon Richard and Joey Luchessi pitch. The bullpen has been rock solid, posting an impressive (1.50-ERA) on the just completed 10-game road trip. And down on the farm, a ton of pitchers are having good seasons.

CHARGERS OPEN THE GATES….The Bolts head to the summer break still looking for help at tight end. They have opened talks to bring back future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates, but no deal yet, and the fact they might want Gates to take a payout from last year’s (5M) to the veteran minimum of 1M.

LIKE FATHER-NOT LIKE SON…The horrors of the arrest of former NFLer Kellen Winslow Junior on rape charges. Now it involves stalking, four women, two raped, two say they were victims of attempted rape, and a sleazy list of 9-charges in all. And reports more women may be surfacing. How bad is this. Potential life imprisonment, and refusal to set bail. That’s how bad.


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