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“What I Think-What I Saw on the Weekend”


THE MIGHTY 1090….People have opinions about the demise of the sports-talk radio station. This story is not over. Another column will be coming this week. I had a record (2,470) hits on my website in the first 12-hours after my “Blood on the Hands” column was posted. People cared. People listened.

PADRES-DDDGERS…A fun weekend. It was part Mardi-Gras, part Soccer Crowd, part NFL playoff game. Talking about the crowds at Petco Park. The noise in the yard. The mob scene in the park in the park. The electricity and the emotion during the 3-game series. The stands were full of Padres Navy-bue, and Dodgers Royal-Blue. They sang, they booed, their cheered, they jeered. 1-side of the stadium chanted ‘Beat LA’. The other side sang ‘Dodgers-Dodgers;. There were big hits, mammoth home runs, big plays on defense, and 3-sello8ut crowds too. Imagine what it would be like if the Padres were in a playoff race in September. Imagine October at Petco Park. it would be just like this past weekend. Even the losses to LA, and the blown leads can’t take the edge over what we saw near the Gaslamp Quarter. Hunter Benfro’s grand slam home run in the 9th capped off a pretty charged-up Friar weekend.

YANKEES…They are hanging tough, but you wonder how long they can keep this up. 18-wins so far, trying to keep pace with 1st place Tampa Bay in the AL East. They have 16-players on the disabled list, and it’s just the first week of May. You wonder what they’ll be like when they get Stanton, Judge, Gregarious and others

MIAMI MESS….He’s unpopular and his team is lousy. Own up to it, Derek Jeter. What a disaster of a start for the Marlins CEO, after his illustrious career. He traded away all his talent. He fired most of the veteran scouts. Changed managers. Now he’s got a (9-24) team, averaging (9,446) fans per game and criticizing everyone but himself and his leadership. What a disaster.

PHILLIES PHANS….The loved it when Bryce Harper signed that 330M free agent contract. Now a month into the season he’s hitting (.236), making errors in the outfield and on the base paths. It’s a long season, but now he’s disliked in Washington, where he left and now Philly where he arrived.

BAD DEALS….Six weeks into the season, and Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel are still unsigned. Are the players getting bad deals from the clubs, or maybe bad advice from their agents. How can these two guys not be signed? Demanding too much money on the advice of agents. Not in the best interest of their clients for sure.

NBA-GAME OF HORSE…Watching Houston-Golden State is fun. It’s like a three point shooting contest against your friends in the school yard. James Harden and Eric Gordon combining for 71-points, making sure Kevin Durant’s 46 point night didn’t beat them. Lots of 3-point shots, lots of fouls, lots of whining too, and more to see this week.

DEFENSE OPTIONAL…Same thing watching this Nuggets-Blazers series, which has come down to a game of horse, Nikola Jokic vs the Portland backcourt of Damian Lillard-CJ Mccollum shootout. Nothing wrong with a (137-136) four overtime game, unless you are a defensive purist.

NOBODY LEFT NHL….The top teams are all on summer vacation in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Tampa Bay Lightning, and all their goal scorers, went out 4-straight. Then Alex Ovechkin and the defending champ Washington Caps left. Pittsburgh was dispatched. Calgary exited. Last year’s Cinderella team, Winnipeg was dumped. Then the New York Islanders were put on ice 4-straight. Strangest postseason I have ever seen.

GULLS FOR REAL…The San Diego Gulls are deep in the AHL playoffs, and they have earned it. They are up (2-0) in their series with Bakersfield in the second round. The parent Anaheim Ducks, who did not get to the postseason sent all their top draft picks back to San Diego to give them a taste of fierce playoff pressure. And Dallas Eakins team is now (20-6-4) on the road since mid-December. Think about that stat. A legitimate chance to go all the way to the AHL finals.

WHAT’S UP AT THE WHITE HOUSE….Tiger Woods will be with President Trump today to receive the Medal of Freedom honors. Golf saluted him for getting a Green Jacket at the Masters. An amazing accomplishment coming back from all those surgeries. But the history about him, what he did, how he treated people, his addictions etc, don’t merit Medal of Freedom, our nation’s great honor. Shouldn’t Trump give it to real heroes, those in war, our veterans, our police, our first respondents, doctors who do research, people in the philanthropic world? How does Tiger and strippers,hookers and pancake waitresses merit this day?

KENTUCKY DERBY CRISIS….We now need video replay for everything. Home runs and outs on the bases in baseball. Flagrant fouls in the NBA. Turnovers in in the NFL. Goals in the NHL. Then the 18-minute video replay that took the Run for Roses victory away from Maximum Security on Saturday. What a judgement call. Did the jockey move his first place horse wide to block the challengers down the stretch. Did the blocking move cause contact with 3-other horses chasing them. Huge debate, tough to really see the intent-the damage. Did they get it right? Depends who you talk to, or who you bet on?


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