1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Wild West-The AFC-Wild West”

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“The Wild West-The AFC West”


Nobody is giving an inch as we head to the final month of the NFL season.

The AFC-West continues to be a war-zone, and the teams at the top are refusing to give ground.

And the team at the bottom is winning, but cannot make up any ground.

Such is life for the Chargers, who annually dig themselves a hole early in the season, and more times than not, recently, just cannot catch up.

The Chargers have overcome the seige of injuries that crushed their skill players early in the season.

They staggered to mid-season after a terrible (1-4) start. They are winning the back half of much easier schedule.

But it still leaves them terribly behind the 8-Ball heading to the final month of the season.

The Raiders are now (9-2) and have earned it. They’ve won 6-road games this year, and beaten some pretty explosive teams at home.

The Kansas City Chiefs, despite an anemic offense, play it close to the vest, live off their defense, and find ways to win, unsexy as it might be.

Denver varies week to week. You never know if Trevor Siemian will be a scared deer in headlights or a big time player. Much depends whether he is playing at home-or on the road, witness last night’s wild overtime game with Kansas City.

Yes the Chargers could have a say to who becomes a wild card team, because they do get the Raiders and Chiefs at Qualcomm Stadium before this is over. But likely, not them.

But they need help, and no-one has stepped up to beat the Broncos nor the Chiefs in out of division games.

And of course, you never quite know how really good the Chargers are. Just when you you think they are putting it together, a Miami shows up and turfs them at home.

Attendance is off 11,000-per game…and could be the lowest average since the (1-15) season in 2000. You average 55,000, after getting as high as 68,000 in the Martyball era, that’s quite a dropoff.

Mike McCoy’s team cannot rely on home fan support either. Chargers fans are selling their tickets. Just look at how many fans showing up wearing Orange or Black when Denver-Oakland roll into town.

The Bolts get a suddenly dynamic Tampa Bay young QB-Jameis Winston next Sunday. He does make plays, does take chances. Shall be fun to see Joey Bosa introduce himself to the Bucs quarterback next Sunday.

But in the end, unless something drastic happens involving Denver or Kansas City, like losing a game or two they shouldn’t, it does not appear the Chargers are going to catch the rest of the division.

they put themselves into this position. They might be able to get out of it…sadly…again.


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