1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday. “Wins-Losses-Opinions”

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Chargers….They have now won 3-in a row, begting down a cripple (Denver), getting a win against a spiral down team (Giants)….and a victory over a team hoping not to let its quarterback get hurt (Raiders)

The Bolts defense, especially the pass rush, is carrying the team. Not much else impresses me.

Philip Rivers to Hunter Henry looks exceptional, and Keenan Allen may be as crafty as anyone running routes. The rest of the offense is spotty.. There is not much of a run game, and health issues keep springing up.

They failed to punch it in four times from the one yard line to start the game. We had the usual array of two delay of game penalties…a grounding flag….sacks-hits on the QB.

We did have a strong day from the punter. And there was a signing of a punt return for a TD, something we have seldom seen despite all the money they gave Travis Benjamin.

And like other “road” home games, too much orange in the crowd, but ownership must not care, cause Denver’s fans money is just as green as anyone from LA buying a ticket.

Just because some of the teams in the division have come back to the pack, does not mean the Chargers are a calibre playoff team yet. Next up, tough road games, at New England then Jacksonville. See me in two weeks will you.

Another Sunday home game in Carson, and the color of the week was a sea of Broncos fan wearing orange. What an embarrassment Team Spanos has created.

Broncos…The bottom seems to be falling out. QB-Trevor Siemian has guts, is an athletes, takes a lot of hits. His offensive line is really beat up. I don’t see many game breakers at wide receiver, and a pedestrian run game.

Hard to believe the Broncos have 3-touchdowns in the last 16-quarters.

They are wasting a very fine defense, and I don’t think there are other solutions on that offense. John Elway’s team might be headed for a bad season.

Chiefs….I said they’d be good till they got guys hurt. Now Tyreek Hill is nicked up, the run game has slowed down. Alex Smith is starting to take some shots. And the defense is not making big plays any longer.

Not as good as we thought when they stormed out of the gate. The sixteen game season is taking a toll.

Raiders…It is Derek Carr all the time. He has to make plays, has to get the ball down the field, has to be protected. His quick twitch passing game is tough to defend, but he does not have much of a run game.

They will have to throw first to run second, and Marshawn Lynch seems to be a shell of himself. And then there is a young defense, that doesn’t make a lot of plays. Name me anyone on that defense aside from Khalil Mack

Might not be as good a season as prognosticators predicted.

Aztecs….Two tough defeats, the battering at the hands of Boise State, and then the disappointing loss to Fresno State. Scouting reports say load the box and make it tough for them to run, because Christian Chapman cannot beat you down the field with the passing game.

The offensive front, the kids, are really struggling protecting the quarterback, allowing 8-sacks, and 34-hits over two games. Injuries are playing a role in all this.

That defensive front seven looks fatigued, , but it still is what you have to hang your hat on.

The rest of the games are very winnable, and (10-2) is likely, but that is a far cry from what we were talking about two weeks ago.

NFL….Is it me, or is it gruesome what we saw on Sunday?

The Foxboro Fog rolled in, and the Patriots made the Falcons disappear. Atlanta is not the same team that was in the Super Bowl last year for sure, and Tom Brady is Tom Brady. That Falcons losing streak is now 3-in a row, with just 5-TDs from that offense.

Speaking of tanking, as in the Giants case, Eli Manning has nothing to work with now with all those injuries. New York had 47-yards, yes 47-yards at halftime in Seattle.

Andy Dalton was a bright star in the making, but the Bengals let lots of players leave in free agency. End result…he had 44-yards passing at halftime against the Steelers.

Chicago won because of two big turnover touchdowns. Aside from that, they had 5-first downs in all, yet still beat the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Yes, five first downs.

In Minnesota, with backups at quarterback and running back, they needed 6-field goals to win their game.

Baltimore’s offense has gone south, in fact, just 80-yards in total offense in the first half even with big throwing Joe Flacco at quarterback.

The mess in Indianapolis isn’t getting better. Jacksonville sacked QB-Jacoby Brissett 10-times, and do you think Andrew Luck really wants to get back onto the field for that?

It was only one Sunday’s worth of games, but it was not good football.


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