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“Super Bowl–No Pretenders–Only Contenders”


You knew it was only a matter of time in one game.

The other game was over just after it got started.

And so the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers are headed to the Super Bowl, after both over-ran opponents on Sunday.

My worst fears were realized, that the AFC-and-NFC title games would be anti-climatic after the fireworks we have seen the last couple of weeks in the opening rounds o the playoffs.

it was only a matter of time for the Chiefs to over-run the one dimension Tennessee Titans.

Patrick Mahomes rallied his team from a (17-7) deficit, scrambling, throwing, even running for an impressive 27-yard TD enroute to the eventual blowout win.    When the Titans fell behind they could not use the hammer, running back Derrick Henry to try and catch up.

KC’s 3-wide receivers, their tight ends and the running back Damiem Williams were just too much for the Titans to defense.  It got so bad, that in one stretch, the Chiefs had outgunned Tennessee (342-to-39) yards in offense and had a (30-12) edge in snaps in the 2nd-3rd and into the 4th quarter.

Take nothing away from the Titans accomplishments, the wins in Baltimore and New England, they were so impressive.  But the magic ran out.  Coach Mike Vrabel ran out of things to create for his team.

In San Francisco, it was really over at the beginning.  Too much 49ers defense against Packers QB-Aaron Rodgers.  Too much RB-Raheem Mostert pounding the ball and chewing up big yardage.  And way too much on the shoulders of the Green Bay quarterback.

San Francisco has gotten progressively better as the season has gone on.  The roster is loaded, it’s young, it’s big, it’s physical.

John Lynch won the Executive of the Year award for the turnaround in just three short years.  In two weeks time he could also be in the NFL Hall-of-Fame.

He traded for Jimmy Garoppolo to end a quarterback crisis that had existed for years.  All those bad seasons netted them the likes of Nick Bosa, DeForrest Buckner, Arik Amsted, Deebo Samuel. George Kittle and many others. via the draft.

They picked up journeyman running back Raheem Mostert, traded for WR-Emmanuel Samuels, and picked up aging kicker Robbie Gould.  You cannot place a true value on the leadership Richard Sherman gave them coming from Seattle.  And it goes on and on.  Mostert finished with (220R) and 4-TDs in a career day for a guy picked up on a street corner.

This will be a pretty good Super Bowl in two weeks, matching that old dog coach Andy Reid against the upstart Kyle Shanahan and his defensive coordinator Robert Saleh.  Matching big plays (Chiefs) vs the big boy defense (49ers).

These two teams deserve to go to Miami, the Niners with its relentless defense and the Chiefs with its ever explosive offense.


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