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NFL–1st Impressions”


You get only one chance to make a good first impression, or so they say.

But luckily for the NFL there are 16-more weeks of games to get things done, fix things that are broken, and win.

A look back at the opening week storylines in the NFL:

RAVENS..Put up a great fight in Las Vegas considering how badly beat up they were, losing their top three running backs in a two week span at the end of training camp.  Lamar Jackson-3 fumbles-ball protection practice.

RAIDERS…So dynamic on offense with so many weapons for Derek Carr to choose from.  Defense played really hard, but they still lack game-breaking players that side of the ball.

CHARGERS..Everything they told us about their offense clicked thanks to Justin Herbert, a borderline superstar QB already, but still not convinced about this defensive secondary.

RAMS…Matthew Stafford makes plays, and he has lots of playmakers to get the ball too.  Defense is filled with new players around Aaron Donald, so it may take time.

BILLS…Thought they would be better on defense, losing instead to Pittsburgh.

STEELERS..It took awhile but Ben Roethlisberger got it dialed in.  That defense, maybe better than last year’s sack happy group.

SAINTS..One game does not make a season, so let’s withhold judgement on Jameis Winston till we have a bigger sample size  under Coach Sean Payton.

PATRIOTS…The kid QB, Mac Jones, played really well, but lots of mistakes around him for Bill Belicheick to fix.

ARIZONA…Big road win in Nashville for do-everything QB-Kyler Murray and then there wasChandler Jones 5-sack Sunday.

TITANS…What a big disappointment at home, the loss to the Cardinals  Watch for them to rebound this week.

PACKERS..Unexpected and awful.  You wonder if the summer long distraction of Aaron Rodgers feud with the front office has taken a toll on the team.

VIKINGS…Kirk Cousins threw for a ton (351) but what does that matter if you cannot win.  His cseer is full of empty stats.

CHIEFS..Have to play 60-minutes to beat these guys and the Chiefs found themselves, wiping out a Cleveland deficit and came alive  Wonder though about their defense.

DENVER…One week in, Teddy Bridgewater won a game they probably would not have in years gone by, but a week in, injuries hit their wide out corps.

BROWNS…Great first half, not so great second half, but they played KC tough.  Wonder if they will ever get full payback from the Odell Beckham investment made years ago.

ATLANTA…Poor Matt Ryan, a star QB surrounded by sludge talent.

BEARS….David Montgomery, tough guy running back but will he hold up for a full season considering there is not much around him

HOUSTON..Tyrod Taylor won his first start, but it was against a team that has lost 16-in a row dating back to last year, Jacksonville.

JAGUARS…QB-Trevor Lawrence checked off all the boxes, 3TDs, 3-Interceptions, 3-sacks and not alot of help.  Urban Meyer just got a taste of what NFL life will be coaching a bad team.

EAGLES..Maybe the surprise of Sunday, with Jalen Hurts playing well and Nick Sirani getting his first win.

COLTS..Carson Wentz still standing, but bunches of injuries on the roster already.

CINCINNATI…Joe Burrows, Joe Mixon, JaMarr Chase, for one weekend they all played well, but don’t like that roster.

DALLAS…Dak is back and the Cowboys threw a ton of passes, making Zeke Elliott a spectator, and the running back looks trimmed down and much more explosive.  Defense  has improved too.

TAMPA BAY…Tom Brady and strength in numbers got them that first win.  Looking to see what they do at running back, but it is a long season and they will need Ron Jones and Leonard Fournette to step up weekly.  Lots of bullets in the gun on offense.

WASHINGTON…Defense played really hard after slow start, offense is anemic and now you lose QB-Ryan Fitpatrick for half the season.  Long fall coming for Ron Rivera.

SEATTLE…Russell Wilson and all that firepower in the wide receiver group, but still need to make the running game be part of the equation.

GIANTS…Long season coming even with Saquon Barkley back to work with QB-Daniel Jones.  Bet they will be looking for new GM at end of season.

JETS..Zach Wilson made plays, took hits, and lost his left tackle.  Won’t survive if he has to take 6-sacks per Sunday.  What a mess with hurt players.

CAROLINA…Sneak preview of Sam Darnold and the return of Christian McCsffrey.  It was a good win against a lowly Jets team, but Darnold brings fire to that huddle.

LIONS…Jared Goff put up big numbers (338P) but it was a loss and it is still a threadbare roster.

MIAMI…We know one thing for sure, Coach Brian Flores gets his guys to play hard on defense, just ask New England.  But Tua Tagovailoa has yet to stun anyone with his down the field abilities.

49ers…Not sure what to make of this team…since so many are actually waiting for QB-Trey Lance to replace Jimmy Garoppolo, who has a history of getting hurt.  And San Francisco’s roster took hits with injuries opening day.

Let’s see what Week two in the NFL brings us.












































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